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Anyone else who has bad skin at the mo Lock Rss

Hey all

Just wondering does anyone else have really bad pimples at the moment? My skin is usually so good but everytime i get pregnant my skin just breaks out ( stupid hormones lol) its horrible. Anyway just wanted to know if anyone knew off the perfect zit zapper lol

Ds 17/10/06

Hiya Kamryn,

I'm not going to be much help to you, but you're not alone. My girlfriend breaks out really badly everytime she falls pregnant. She usually has really good skin too.

I think she's still on the hunt for the perfect zit zapper too!!

Good luck with it!!

Take care

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

I didn't get pimples last time, but my face just lookes 'off', if that makes sense. It always looked tired and wrinkly (which was bad cos I was only 18!) with this pregnancy my face, especially around my nose has been extremely dry and putting cream on it makes it sting....I agree, stupid hormones!!

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