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Maternity Leave Lock Rss

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and work in the hospitality industry. I am on my feet 40 hours per week which is leaving me exhusted and not able to fit much else into the week!
There is currently no position for me in the office where I could sit down. If I was to take my maternity leave early would I still be able to find an office job somewhere else or would that effect my maternity leave entitlements from my current employer?
Hi jessaw,

I had to stop working at 19 weeks, cos on top of being pregnant, I also have multiple sclerosis, which means fatigue to the max!

If you were to take maternity leave from your current employment, any entitlements should not be affected if you were to look for more appropriate work, however, one thing to consider is you will be taxed at a higher rate, because it will still be classed as a second job/income! THANX JOHNNY!

Ultimately you need to decide what is best for you and bub!
Hope I have helped grin

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Hi Jess,

I also work on my feet 40 hrs/wk. I work in the vehicle industry. I am 30 wks pregnant in a couple of days. I'm not sure if it would apply to you but I was told by my union rep that as long as my doctor says I'm fit enough to work (not necessarily on my feet) my employer HAS to find me something to do sitting down. My doctor also backed this up and said if they can't find me anything to do then they'll have to pay me to do nothing!! Not sure how they'd feel about that!! At the moment I have cut my jobs down so that I'm not in awkward or uncomfortable positions and I'm doing ok but as soon as I feel I can't stand on my feet for 8 hrs a day I'll be seeing about getting a sitting down job. I have 6 weeks left until I take Maternity leave & I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Good luck Jess I hope something is worked out for you!!

Take care

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

I thought that if you've been working at your current place of employment for 12 months already then you can take 12 months paid maternity leave whenever you want.
As for getting a job somewhere else, you might not have any luck if they knew you were pregnant because they would want to employe someone who would be able to work all the time and not quit after a few months. I had an office job and worked up until I was 28 weeks pregnant, i then had to quit cos of the pregnancy and other reasons, but when I went to centrelink to get payments they said i would go onto the unemployment looking for work scheme until I was 34 weeks pregnant (thats next week so yay no more pointless looking for work!!)
So yeah, if you quit your job now and not entitled to maternity leave and you go onto centrelink they will still make you look for work anyway until you are 34 weeks pregnant.

hope that helped
good luck
Bec xo
i am 24 weeks preggas and work in a nursing home full time (8hours 5 days a week!!) i am not entitled to paid maternity leave because it is a private facility even though i have been there 3 years!! Work is getting harder as it is a heavy job! my employer has told me that if it is getting to much to cut back my hours BUT i can not afford that due to the fact i have no PAID maternity leave and saving all my spare! pennys

Although i start mat. leave in July!!!!! my life consisits of work! come home! nap! tea! sleep!! work!

I am Just feeling sorry for myself SORRY!!!!!

mum of 2under2

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