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I dont know how far along i am because i have a irregular cycle Lock Rss

Has anyone gotten pregnant while being irregular and not known how far along they were because they didnt know when their lmp was and when they ovulated within the cycle? If so how did you find out how far along you are (I dont want to wait till the 12 week ultrasound)

I just found out via home pregnancy tests that I am pregnant (i figured that 5 positives meant i was) and i have no idea how far along i am! (this is my second pregnancy but i didnt have irregular periods last time)-I havent been to the dr yet as i just got back from holidays and will go soon.

My mother says my lmp was the 13th of March 06 (Because we are due around the same time) but i am not so sure.........My cycle is anywhere from 35 to 40 days with no set day AF comes (I have averaged it to 38 days) so i was basically due for a period from 17th-22nd of april give or take a few days.

I had been having symptoms of pregnancy (fatigue, nausea, dizziness, pimples) since the first few days of april.

I did a test on the 12th April (about day 30 according to my mums calculation) and it was a faint positive. It was a clearblue brand that said it would show a positive result as early as the first day of your missed period and I was not in that categorie as it was 5 days before it was due atleast...(let my hubby get the test and he didnt get the "early" ones that i wanted).....I did another one 2 days later and it was definately positive.

Does this mean I could have been having an earlier cycle than normal (seeing as i am irregular) considering I got symptoms early and the tests showed up earlier than i thought they should??? or that i was "lucky" and the tests were showing up sooner than the info sheet said?????????????


Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Ur doctor may arrange (if not ask) for a dating scan to confirm how far along u are. I was uncertian when I found out i was pregnant, thought I mite of been bout 10 weeks along when I went for my scan but was only bout 7 weeks. So gotta wait an extra 3 weeks to meet my little one.
Good luck
hi clarebear!
i found out i was pregnant and i had irregular cycles as i had just come off the pill. i went for a scan being told by doctors that i would be around 5 - 6 weeks. when i got in and had my scan i was actually 13 weeks!!!! i had symptoms but didnt know as i went to my doctor who told me it was my body re adjusting after coming off the pill!! hang in there and ask your doctor for a scan.. good luck with it all!! xx
I think that your doctor will probably arrange for you to have an ultrasound so they can have an estitemate of how far along you are - i wasn't sure of how pregnant I was either when i found out and so I had the scan done which gave the dr an estimate.

Hi Clare,

Your doctor can organise a blood test which will give you a rough idea of how far along you are based upon your hormone levels. You can then use these dates to book in an early ultrasound. They can see the baby from about 5 weeks.

This happened to me with both of my pregnancies - irregular cycles etc. Don't wait until the 12 weeks ultrasound, besides if you are not sure of your dates, they won't be able to do all of the other tests they need to do. Just a warning - don't expect to see much with the early ultrasound and it may need to be done vaginally.

As for your confused questions about what happened - who knows?? In my experience, the tests that I have used are not as sensitve as they claim to be. My advice is to stop doing your head in trying to understand it, see your doc, do the tests and try to enjoy your pregnancy.


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