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Worried no kicking yet Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I haven't felt any movement yet and am starting to worry as i am 20 weeks and am having twins. I've heard that movement normally starts from 18 weeks onwards. My dr said it should starting happening in the next week or so but i am getting anxious. I know they'll move eventually but Im hanging out!! Is there anyone else that hasn't felt movement around this time or anyone that hasn't felt movement at say 23 weeks ????? I have my 20 week scan this week so it will be good to see them moving around in my belly but i just want to start feeling movement for myself.

20 weeks

Genelle, Twin girls born 8/8/06

I just checked my antenatal sheet and it seems my movements started a 20wks. So just give it a bit. I don't know how many times I've read or heard that you don't know what the movements are at first. For me this was mostly because they were so irregular and only one movement at a time so you couldn't pin point that it was the baby or just a muscle twitch or something. Once you start feeling regular movements then they should continue to be regular. You will find that they will be more active at certain times of the day. At first it's just kicks and head butts that you feel but later on it's really weird when they roll over etc... and it's funny to watch your belly too.. like it has a life of it's own! LOL!

Take care!

Mum of Ondene Rose 27/6/2006, EDD Baby Boy 11 Feb

I don't think I started feeling movement until about 20 weeks, and even then I never felt many really hard kicks. The other thing is that if you are fairly active you may not notice movement, or if this is your first, you may be feeling movement but thinking it's something else. I'm sure your scan this week will reassure you and get rid of any worry. Best of luck!

Sam and Hayley and bub

Hi Genelle

I'm pregnant with my first baby and by the time I was 20 weeks I hadn't felt any movement either so i was freaking out that there might be something wrong with the baby. But when i had my scan at 20 weeks I saw she was moving about a lot i just couldn't feel it, I didn't actually feel anything at all until I was 24 weeks pregnant. Maybe ur bubs just are lazy little things and u will feel them moving about later, trust me, my bub wont stop kicking me now lol and they say that the baby usually doesn't move about as much in ur last trimester! well i'm 33 weeks now and she is moving about more than ever before!

Good luck with ur twins smile

Bec xo
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