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Stretch Marks Lock Rss

Hi my name is Bec and I'm just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing really bad stretch marks as well?
I expected to get them on my tummy and hips but i haven't, no i've been cursed by getting them on my boobs!
Does anyone know if stretch marks fade over time and of any really good products to get rid of them?
I feel like an old lady lol.

Bec xo
hi bec,
i've also got really bad stretch marks on my boobs, i've been told bio oil is really good for reducing them, i think they do fade abit eventually. im hoping so. lol.

hi bec,
i have really bad stretch marks on my stomach thighs & boobs & i really hate them.. i had my son nearly 2yrs ago & they are still here.. i just put baby lotion on them & they seem 2 go away but they have faded alot than they were.. so just try the lotion & see if that works i hope everything goes well & good luck


jOrdan 10.5.04 Breeanna 04.12.07

hi bec

im sad to say i was cursed with the dreaded stretch marks too.
my bub is now 9months old.
my tummy, thighs, hips and boobs are pretty much buggered ! haha
bio oil is good but u just needa keep ur skin moist.

Danni, WA,

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