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Last period (even though very light compared to normal) waas 28th october. making me fertile between 11-20th of november.. or there about.. took a test on the 1st december coem back fully positive.. now would that be right? or am i further and the period in october was not a period.

When I did my hpt with this bub ( currently 37 1/2 weeks) I was only over due by 2 days for my period and it came up strong straight away, but the hpt's they have these days are made to pick up the smallest amount of pregnancy hormone. If you look at the hpt you will probably find that it's one that can be used up to 4days before your priod is due so it's not unusual to get a strong positive result if you are over due for your period.
But in saying that alot of women do get a period at the beginning of their pregnancies, so when you go to see your Dr they will do blood test which show the amount of pregancy hormone and will normally be able to tell you exactly how far along you are.
GL n Congrats on your pregnancy

[Edited on 08/12/2009]
[Edited on 08/12/2009]
Hi jazz,

I've posted some replies on some of your other posts and its definitely possible if you last period was alot lighter then normal that it may have been a implantation bleed.
I was one day overdue and had a positive test; 2 dark lines so it all depends on your HCG levels. However, I already had a feeling I was preggers a week before that as I could feel the changes in my body. I had an early scan (as I had m/c 4 months prior) and I was almost spot on - 6 weeks 4 days now. Congratulations.
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