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hi im due in june on the 16th I already have a baby boy and hope for a girl so badly,everyones telling me its a boy,and the chinese calendars say boy sad is there anyhope for me??
I find out on the 23rd of december with my 3d scan xoxo
Hi kezza bai,

I'm due in March and the chinese calander said boy and at my 20 week scan it confirmed that I am having a boy, but my best friend had a baby last month and the chinese calendar said girl but she had a boy. So it could go ethier way smile
[Edited on 09/12/2009]

There is only two true ways to determine the sex of a child. Chromosomal analysis via amino/cvs or give birth. even ultrasounds can be wrong. Whatever the outcome however I hope this child will be loved anyway. Sorry if that offends you but my sister has been trying to conceive for 4 years and would love a child of any gender. If you are disappointed at the scan read the thread 'i cried when.... or 'am I horrible'. It is normal to feel disappointed however hold on to the fact that there are many women out there who can't have children and be thankful that you can. Good luck with the pregnancy hope it goes well.

Tiff, Vic. Isaac born 10/3/06 Number 2 due 3/2/10

When I was pregnant with DD EVERY old wives tale that I tried (including the chinese calendar) said that I was having a boy. Obviously they were all wrong lol. DD didn't co-operate at my 19 week scan so I had to wait until her birth to discover that I had a little girl smile].

You have 50/50 chance of getting either boy or girl.
I don't think any of the old wifes tales have any proof that you can tell either way what you are having. Sometimes they just get lucky, same as the chinese charts.
But what ever you have hope its happy and healthy.

Of course there is hope for you to have a girl!

Hopefully you will get a little princess but hey, it would be cool for your son to have a little brother. Try not to worry about it too much. If you do find out you are having another boy, it's ok to have a little cry but then move on and look forward to meeting your next child.

By the way the chinese charts said my son would be a girl. They are saying this baby is a boy but I am so feeling like this is a girl.

im due in june too the 22nd
i have 2 boys & yeah im hoping for a girl be so nice as its my last pregnacy im 39 but i will get what i get & love the baby if a boy or girl cause its my flesh&blood i think people stress to much bout the one sex they want remember theres people out there who cant have a baby at all & you should be thankful you have a new life growing. i hope to find out when have 20 week scan what im having & be happy either ways as long as babys heathy
try not to stress bout it & dont be too disapointed if a boy

Hi twinklestars2, I have 2 boys and I felt exactly like you when I was pregnant with no 2. I was so sure I was going to have a girl and when I found out at 20wks it was a boy I felt so disappointed and upset. I tried so hard to not feel like that and to be happy, but I still hoped the ultrasound was wrong. When the baby was born I still had a small part of me that prayed they would say it was a girl. But when they put the baby in my arms that feeling just disappeared and I loved him for who he was. To find out the next day he needed life saving heart surgery to survive. I am now so greatful just to have him and am considering having no 3. I will be praying for a girl but if it was a boy I will love him just the same.
How on earth can the Chinese Chart be accurate?

That means that for example every single woman in the whole world that is 29 who conceived in april is having the same sex child...yeah right!

When I told my husband that the chinese calender said we were having a girl he looked at me like I was crazy and said 'but we're not chinese' LMAO!

There is absolutely nothing you can do about this one, it's out of your hands, I'm sure you'll be happy either way in the end!


This is why i NEVE find out the sex of my babies until they are born!! I wanted a boy for my first pregnancy and i was over joyed to get a boy but i must say when i gave birth it took me a while to ask what i ahd cause i was just so happy to have a baby! LOL

Then with my second pregnacy i to would have loved a girl just to have one of each as we only want to children.... I did not find out the sex and when i gave birth and my DF yelled out ITS AN AUSTIN! and i knew i had had a boy i just cried because i was sooo sooo happy!!! Nothing in the world could have made me more happier!

But to answer your question of course there is a chance you will have a girl but ther eis just as much chance of you have a boy LOL!!! Good luck with it...

With DD1 every old wives tale said she was a girl, and she was.

With DD2 every old wives tale said she was a boy.

So yep, can go either way.

Whatever the result, best of luck with the pregnancy and hope you have a healthy baby.
Good luck with the girl 50/50 chance.
I have a little boy and he is absolutely adorable but would like a girl next. though if i got another little boy id be just as happy as my 1st is so sweet
[Edited on 12/12/2009]
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