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!!!Baby shower Ideas!!! Lock Rss

Hey Girls!!

Does anyone have any baby shower ideas, such as games, themes, foods etc... Mine is next weekend and I really haven't got anything prepared.

Also when do you have it?
I am due in July and was thinking about having it on the 36th week. Is it too late?

How long does it go for, what do you do? How many people do you invite?

Sorry to butt in on your thread Manda.
hi to both of u ,
games u could play is
1. give everyone a nappy pin and the person who says the word baby losses their pin to the one who catches them out ,the person with the most wins.

2. freeze tiny plastic babies in ice cube trays and then once in your drink u cannot breathe on it ,put it in your mouth , or touch it but when it melts in your cup u yell out waters broke and first one to do so wins a prize.

3. tray game= put as many baby objects on a tray and cover with a tea towel but then after showing everyone they have a limited time to write down what they remember without looking.

4. baby name games. write a-z names but if someone else has the name u dont get a point but the person with the most points wins a prize.

I am having a baby shower even though this is my 5th baby ,as we werent going to have any more so we gave all our baby stuff away .But this will definitely be our last one .
no more room in the 4wd
I hope i gave u a few more ideas.

5 kids now

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