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Must have Baby or toddler Items Lock Rss

I thought I'd post this question to all the mothers out there having their 2nd or 3rd or so on baby.....what is one item that you felt was really handy or couldnt do without now, and want to use for your next newborn?

Just thoguht this might come in handy for new mothers or for 2nd time mothers etc wanting to find out how to make life easer.
I also wished Id accepted more help from family! I was like a lioness not wanting anyones help!
And now I wish I did! Next time...Maybe! lol
Also if ur b/f grab some Nipple Shields JUST IN CASE!

2 more sleeps

I have a few recommendations...

- A jolly jumper
- Podee Bottles. (these bottles have a straw on them that connects to the teat. This enables hands free feeding, like if your bub is in the pram or whatever, and it can also reduce colic. I found some new ones on Ebay. You have to try it!
- Microwave sterilizer. Its so much easier than fiddling around with Milton.
- Nappy wrapper....believe me, once your bub is into the solids, you will want it....pooh-ee!!

hope that helps!!

Oh, and I forgot:
- a change table with a bath tub that pulls out from underneath it. It's so much easier when you're trying to move around a wiggly newborn. then when bub outgrows the tub, it can be used for storage.
- A car bottle warmer. ( i haven't actually owned one, but I really wish that I had one, it would have come in handy?
- Video camera. Its not actually a 'baby' item as such, but you will regret it if you don't have one with a new baby

The baby bjorn sling was a lifesaver.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

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