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ITS KICKING!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Woohoo! 18 weeks yesterday and I have just felt a real kick!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually a few real kicks! So excited, just had to share with someone!

Mamabear to Ella Rose born 28/9/06

Isn't it just the greatest feeling smile

I am 35 weeks and he likes kicking his mummy lots smile


Amanda smile

Hey there, congrats.. wow, thats early, i didnt feel real kicks for ages, i used to feel them if i lyed on my stomach, but normally i think it was around 22 weeks. (i think she was just lazy) lol....

It is really good when they start to kick, cause i think thats when it starts to finally sink in that your pregnant, and there IS a baby inside of you... i remember when i wa 38 - 40 weeks pregnant, i used to lye on my back, and when ashlee was awake in there, she would do this sorta bum dance, and you could see my belly "roll" it was awesome, wait til that happends, it started like that for me about weeks 32.

Goodluck with the pregnancy and the birth.. and i reckon, just a word of advice, dont get all scared and psyce yourself out about the birth. For me, it was NO WHERE NEAR as bad as people were making out, even my cesarean recovery was awesome. smile

Have a good one.

I love my babies .....

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