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Stretch Marcks!! Lock Rss

Hey Girls,

Just wondering what you all did to prevent stretch marks. There seems to be heaps of different theories out there but I would like to know what you are all using or used before.

Also if I use a cream of some sort when do you start using it. I am 9 weeks now and my belly hasn't started changing yet.


Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

hey there!!

well im 27 weeks and no stretch marks as yet!! I have been using palmers cocoa butter but i think if im spose to get them i will!! 2 of my friends used it all the time and they both got stretch marks. People keep telling me u are either prone to them or ur not ... just wait and see i guess but i still use the cream anyway.
I was speaking to a girl at my work who said she had mega stretch marks and she showed me her belly and u would hardly even know she had them!! in another month or so they will be faded completely!! But then again i dont know if everyones the same when it comes to fading either!!! its too hard!! i just gotta hope i dont get em!!
hey anita

well my bub is 9months old now.
i used every cream possibly available and nothing prevented the stretch marks im sad to say
i guess it depends on the type of skin u have.
bio oil is very good to use, and it smells nice too smile

start using the creams now, doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive etc etc.
i liked bio oil and palmers cocoa butter. there are lotsss out therhe.
but remeber if u do start getting stretch marks try not to let it upset you too much, as im sure u'll all agree ur little bubby's are well worth it.
goodluk with ur pregnancy.


Danni, WA,

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