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Shingles Rss

A friend of my partners and mine who we have been in contact with twice in the last week found out yesterday she has shingles. I was just wondering is there any risks for me? Or am i over re-acting? Ive been checking myself and my 2 boys to make sure we dont get it, i know its like chicken pox and i had them twice when i was small. i dont know if im over reacting like my DP thinks or if there is a risk for me. thanks
I wouldn't worry tooo much but maybe just mention it to your LMC. It is the same as chicken pox. The first time you get chicken pox its called chicken pox everytime after that its called shingles. I don't know alot about them but I think shingles might hang around a little longer. Most people are become amuned to shigles after having chicken pox and some after having it again (shingles) so your probably amuned.
i am 28 weeks pregnant and i have just had shingles.I got it as a result of my immunity being low and stress)it is similar to the chicken pox but NOT the same.I was offered anti-viral drugs but as they were catagory b and had only been tested on rats and rabbits,i chose not to take them.Basically this meant that i had them for longer and was told only to take panadol for the pain(which i didn't as i prefer not to take ANYTHING while pregnant)the pain associated with them is get a blister type rash running around your body (or it can be on your face).if you scratch the top off the blisters and transfer the clear fluid then it can be passed on.I did alot of recearch on the net and saw 3 different doctors to make sure they were all saying the same.there is no threat to the baby .you should google 'shingles and pregnancy' as alot of different sights come up (some sound scary)but i am 100% confident as my g.p is VERY VERY thorough.maybe stay away from the person just so you lesson your risk and don't get them.but relax.
I wouldnt worry too much, but keep checking for a couple of days more just incase. It will come up the same as the chicken pox but it is not the same, as you can either get chicken pox OR shingles, so it doesnt matter how many times you've had the pox. I had them when my immune system was very low a while ago, although its a rash, it also attacks your nerves and there will be a deep nerve pain wherever the rash is, hope this helps, and hope you dont catch it smile
From what I understand about the CP and shingles you can get chickenpox from shingles if you haven't had the CP but you can't 'catch' shingles from someone who has shingles or the chickenpox.

Having a weakened immune system, like in pregnancy, and stress can make you more prone to shingles though.

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