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pain in leg Rss

Hi all,
Im 28 weeks pregnant and have been getting leg cramps at night for my whole pregnancy. Three days ago I got a cramp and the pain hasnt gone since then, it is now a constant throbbing pain in my calf and has gotten so bad that i cant even walk or touch my leg! I know pain in legs is normal but is this much pain normal? Should I be worried or what could it be? Thanks smile
I used to get leg cramps alot at night time earlier on, my midwife said i was deficient in something(cant remember what exactly sorry) but said make sure i stretch well before bed and massage really helps. After a week it started helping heaps and now i only get the odd cramp. They used to get so bad i could barely move my leg and foot without agony while it was happening. Speak to your midwife or GP they should be able to help or give you some advice smile

Good luck smile

I'm pretty sure it's normal. I used to get the pain for 3-5 days after bad ones but keep an eye on it and get checked if you are worried as occasionally the leg cramps can cause a blood clot. The cramps can be caused by tired muscles, too much phosphorus, not enough calcium and potassium and the uterus expanding putting pressure on nerves. Keep an eye on your diet, keep your fluids up and massage your legs regularly especially before bed. I hope the pain eases up soon for you.
I hope your ok and your leg is better. If not go straight to your Dr. I had cramping and throbing pain in my leg for a few weeks and could not walk and was in so much pain. Turns out i had DVT - blood clots from my ankle up to my pelvis. Im now having 2 injections a day and will continue until the baby is born.
Im sorry to scare you but if your still feeling any pain at all its better to be safe then sorry.

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