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Pigmentation anywhere else other than on your face ? Lock Rss

Hi girls

Have any of you had pigmentation changes anywhere else other than on your face, whilst pregnant ?
This is a bit embarrassing...but i have it underneath my breasts. It appeared when i was preg with my son (now 1) and it has stayed. Since falling preg again, it has become really itchy !! it's a bit like Eczema.
If anyone else has had it and it has been itchy can you please tell me what to put on it ?! It's driving me nuts and wearing bras is really aggrevating it.
I will go to the Dr's this week i think, but just thought i'd ask around in the meantime.
Thanks alot.
Hay Kel,

I'm sorry but I can't give you any advice as I don't suffer from Pigmentation when i'm pregnant - maybe the odd pimple or two, but that's about it!!
Good idea to go see your doctor - especially if it is itchy and irritating you. Hope it feels better soon.

Hope all is well.

Clare xxxxxxx

PS Kisses to Jack!!!

omg yes! i have this weird skin thingy on my arms, it doesn't itch but looks like my skin is peeling.
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