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DR has rang up and told me i needed to take these certain iron tablets and said they have to be taken on an empty stomach. Anyone that has needed to take iron tablets how did you take them and did they affect you anyway? I done as they said and felt so sick I don't know how i didn't vomit the only way was to eat a bread roll as much as i didn't feel like it i eventually felt better. Now wondering what to do tomorrow?? Certainly don't want to feel that sick again...


I was told to take mine with meals and they contained vitemin C.
I take iron tablets with folate in them and the doctor told me to take them before meals. I take them right before my breakfast so I have food in my stomach pretty soon after. Stops me from feeling sick, don't know if that's right but technically it's before a meal and on an empty stomach! Hope you find a way to take them without feeling sick, nothing worse than feeling like you are going to vomit!
What sort were you told to take? I was told to take Thompsons organic iron (spose to help stop constipation which some iron tablets cause) I took mine 20 minutes before i ate in the morning with a glass of OJ, supposedly helps speed up and aide iron absorbtion. And again with a glass of OJ before bed.

Must have helped as my iron went from very low to perfect smile

My dr told me to take ferro gradumet tablets and to take them with a glass of oj first thing in the morning. When i checked on the internet they said to wait and hr before eating. Not sure what to do because if you take them after eating they lose some of there effect?

Thanks for your replies,


I would take them an just before eating with some OJ so that your stomachs empty when you have it and OJ helps you absorb iron quicker and better. I'ld then eat after your've taken it so the foods following it not before it.
Thats what i think i will try in the morning. Have one with oj and wait 5-10mins then have brekkie see how that goes because i feel that tired i need all the absorption i can get and with only 4 weeks till my c-section they want to get the levels up.

Appreciate everyones help,


Yes they will want it up if your having a c-section as it would be very dangerous otherwise, have they talked about an iron injection. I know its meant to hert alot for a couple of days but it does work the quickest.
Hi there, i was also told to have a kiwifruit after i'd had mine to aid the constipation you get with iron tablets, so i have mine with a large orange juice and then 5 to 10 mins later i have a fresh kiwifruit and orange.

Thanks for your replies.

I found that having them first thing in the morning with a big glass of oj, then waiting a short period and having brekkie worked. Yay no feeling sick!! So it still is taken on an empty stomach, just not to long!!

Hopefully it won't take to long to get my levels back up!!! It would be nice to have energy again!! lol I might have to wait till bubs is born for that!!!

Thanks again,


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