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Gestational Diabetes and Inducement Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

I know there are quite a few ladies on here who have had GD. Just wondering how many of you were able to go to due date and how many were induced early?

My bub is measuring a few weeks ahead and i have just started checking my levels 4 times a day. I was hoping to go into labour naturally but whatever is best for bub of course.

Just after some experiences.

Hi Amanda,

I had insulin dependent GD (on insulin from 32 weeks). I went in for a sizing scan at 36+6 and went into labour in the waiting room. 21 hours of labour before they converted it to an inducement and put me on the drip (after breaking my waters). DD2 born 4.5 hours later, so at 37 weeks.

Cheers smile

EDIT: DD2 was 20g lighter at three weeks early than DD1 had been at full term.
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
I was induced at 38w + 2d, I had diet controlled GD, my sizing scan said he was nearly 9lb something, he weighed 8lb 5oz born.

Thanks ladies,

I am currently trying to manage it with diet. I have been testing for two days now and have only had two readings within the acceptable range...i have stuck to everything strictly...i just want to cry because i feel like i am failing this bub.

Thanks again for your experiences.

I tried to manage it with diet too but it didn't matter what I ate my levels were always over. I was beating myself up about it in the biggest way as I really was doing everything I could but nothing was working. I felt the same way you did.

I had numerous meetings with the dietician, diabetes midwife and the obstetricians at the hospital before it was decided that diet simply wasn't working for me so I got placed on insulin. I was then able to eat (although still had to follow a strict diet), but even with the insulin my levels kept rising. This is not abnormal for GD - as you get further in the pregnancy so the placental hormones rise, and they adjust the insulin accordingly.

You just need to realise that some things are out of your control. You are doing the best you can, but sometimes medical intervention is required. And it is nothing to be ashamed of, or upset about.

If you ever want to talk about it or ask anything about my personal experience with GD and insulin/diet please feel free to PM me smile

Best of luck, hopefully the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly for you smile

I had GD with my last bub. I was on insulin as diet wasn't doing anything. I was to be induced on the first thursday of the month as bubs last scan read that he had only gained 100gms in the last month , but they were too busy with 8 spontanious (sp) labours that day. But the friday morning I woke to contractions and I had him 3 hours later, which was lucky for me as I don't like the idea of being induced.

Edited to say that he came himself at 36+3, 7pnd 3, and don't treat all weight scans as gospel as he was only supposed to be 2.4 kilos which was why I was supposed to be induced..weight scans can be wrong
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
Posted by: Mischief_n_Mayhem

Edited to say that he came himself at 36+3, 7pnd 3, and don't treat all weight scans as gospel as he was only supposed to be 2.4 kilos which was why I was supposed to be induced..weight scans can be wrong
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
[Edited on 09/01/2010]

I agree 100%. The day I went into labour I did still have the sizing scan a few hours later than originally booked, and was told DD2 was 8lb 6oz. She arrived 24 odd hours later and was 7lb 2 oz.
Hi there!
Just wondering what your diet is like? I have found that diets often prescribed to people with diabetes/gestational diabetes are way too high in carbs and not enough protein. If you want to let me know a typical days food intake, or the main types of food you are eating, maybe I could help with some alternate food/meal ideas!?
Good luck and try not to stress. Your are doing the best you can and that's all you can do smile

One thing that was stresed to me was that sugar = bad and carbohydrate = sugar. I was actually really happy with the advice and dietary suggestions I was given by my health providers. Unfortunately my body didn't really want to play along.

But you're right, quite a lot of people don't realise that carbs are the killers, and even things that would seem "safe" like sweetcorn and other seemingly innocuous vegies and foods actually send your levels skyrocketing.

One key factor is portion control too. They say don't cut out carbs completely because the body does need them, just limit them to small amounts. If you stick to a low GI diet that is the best way to try and keep control by diet.
I had GD with Miss E. I thought I could control it with diet but I ended up on metformin very quickly. Made it almost to the end on just one tablet a day but eventually had to up it to two as it does get worse as you go along. I found the diet they suggested was too much food for me so I spoke to the dietitian and she allowed me to have less carbs than the recommended amount as long as I wasn't getting keytones. I'm sure they've given you all the diet stuff? So you should know all about carbs etc.??

They said right from the start I'd be induced at 39 weeks but I could never get a straight answer as to why. A few drs said it was due to size but I knew my baby wasn't big, I had sizing scans and she was always average or just under and I realise they can be wrong but I also had a small bump and although everyone says you can't tell by that you could... if she was a 10 pounder she just simply would not have fit!
So I came to the conclusion that I didn't want the induction as she wasn't too big and I thought it brought risks of c-sect or forceps delivery etc. etc.
BUT when I spoke to another Dr about why it was procedure to induce GD babies she mentioned the possibility of stillbirth and when I heard that I booked the induction!LOL
She said GD is a risk and being overdue is a risk so if they can take one of the risks away they do and I kind of thought that made sense. It might be a higher risk to me but it was lower risk to Miss E and that is what was important.

As for the induction itself I was induced at 2:30pm using the cervidil tape and apparently nothing is supposed to happen for 24 hours but I started having contractions at 10:30pm and she was born at 6:45 the next morning without any further intervention. Turned out great for me smile She was born at 39 weeks exactly and was 6 pounds 6 or 2.890kgs... ity bity..LOL

Good Luck!

ETA - In saying all that my nephew was a GD baby and he went 10 days over (different hospital so different procedure I guess), was 8 pound 1 and perfectly fine!
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
[Edited on 09/01/2010]
Thanks so much ladies, hearing from different people and experiences really helps.

I was told by the dietician that i need to have 3 serves of carbs at each main meal and 2 serves of carbs for each snack. I have a booklet here that tells me what quantity of each product consititutes a serve of carbs.

My meat serves have to be palm sized only.

I also have a table showing my what carbs break down slow, medium and fast and i should try and have food that breaks down slower rather than faster so i don't overload my body with glucose when it breaks down.

A typical day is this:

2 weetbix, 1 cup skim milk and a slice of 9 grain toast.

Snack: 4 vitaweets with tomato and a small apple.

Lunch: tuna sandwich on 9 grain bread with salad. 100ml of strawberry yoghurt.

Snack: some rice crackers and a banana.

Dinner: Chicken/steak (palm sized) and vegetables (including a medium boiled potato and small corn cob).

I too am finding it difficult to eat all the food but am sticking strictly to what they have told me as i don't want to have a reason to blame myself (although i already do).

Sorry for the massive post and thanks again for all your help.
I have GD atm (was diagnosed at 12 weeks oh joy!). So far I've managed it with diet but expect that by the end of the pregnancy I'll be on insulin of some sort. I was told to only have 1 serve at snacks and between 2 and 3 serves at main meals (depending on how my levels are going with the carbs). I know that with DD (also had GD with her) I was only able to have 2 serves at main meals, if I had a third my levels were too high. I also remember that I was caught at first by the toppings I was having with pasta/rice as I was having the two serves of rice and then the topping was putting me over (I hadn't realised how much carbs were in the things I used to make the toppings either).

Maybe you could talk to them about slightly lowering your carb intake and seeing if that works ok for you? If it doesn't there isn't anything you are doing wrong/anything you can change so don't blame yourself for not managing it with diet alone. Unfortunately it is something that our bodies do when we're pregnant and as much as you try to "be good" there is only so much we can influence externally (for want of a better word).

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