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Gestational Diabetes and Inducement Lock Rss

Just wondering how you were going now.

I had GD with DS. He arrived naturally at 37wks at 8lb4. I had previous had DD with no GD arrived naturally on EDD at 9lb13!! PP have mentioned they check bubs levels every hour for the first 24. I also had to express milk straight away as they wanted to make sure bubs got a good first feed. I did have the option of a formula feed but did not want this. It was suggested to express before bubs arrives for the first feed, but cos DS arrived early I didnt have a chance too.

I was able to diet controll till about 35wks then ended up on overnight insulin as my levels were always high first thing but fine after dinner????

I ate Burgen bread and would have a piece with egg for breaky and drink milk (usually a decaf ice coffee - no sugar)
or cereal and half a banana.

Hope you were able to get some answers regarding your diet.

1 more month till my test to see if I have GD this time.
Good Luck

Thankyou all so much for your help and advice. Things are going ok. My levels are still all over the place. Had meeting with Diabetes Dr last Friday and managed to convince her to let me try diet for just another week.

I am not sure that was the best move. So have another appointment with her on Friday and will most likely start insulin then.

My levels are definately highest in the morning and 2 hours after breakfast.

But i am not too worried now as i know bub is in great hands and everyone is doing all they can to make sure she arrives safely.

Thanks again ladies. I have my fingers crossed that those with their GD tests coming up soon don't have it this time around.

Hi there,

I had GD with DD and was mostly controlled by diet but at the end my fasting levels were always high in the morning so i had to have insulin once a day before dinner.

My OB wouldn't let me go over 40 weeks so i was induced at 39weeks+6days. I was already 2cm dialated prior to inducement and the gel was used and my waters broken. DD was born just under 4 hrs from waters being broken weighing 6pounds 9oz. SO not a big baby at all!!

Currently 23weeks preggers and have GD again. Still managed by diet but will probably end up on insulin sooner this time round.

Good luck and don't stress too much. We tend to blame ourselves but in the end sometimes it is just genetic and out of our control.
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