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when did your baby engage? Lock Rss

just wondering when did your baby fully engage and how long after this did you go into labour with first and subsequent pregnancies?

i am 35 weeks with second baby and baby is fully engaged (if not more). I had heard that this is uncommon second time around? Doc says my body is acting like it is 38 weeks pregnant.
hi there, i am up to my third baby and neither of my two first babys engaged untill i was in labour!!! Go figure...

first one was about 34 weeks.

This time bub isnt engaged and I am 39 weeks tomorrow. I have heard its really uncommon second time round too. They might be getting ready to come a bit earlier!
Hey, I am having my second bub and today had an appointment where using an ultrasound my Ob told me that bub is 4/5 engaged and is really snug and not likely to pop back out now.

I asked her about this being rare and she said it depends on your nationality and build. Apparently in women who naturally have a smaller pelvis it is rare to engage at all untill labour.
Hi I am 34 weeks and bubs has been fully engaged since 30 weeks... This is my 3rd pregnancy...This didnt happen with the other 2 until just before labour...
1st bub didn't engage until I was in labour. OB had just finished telling me because of my blood pressure I'd have to have a c-section the next day. Bub had not even started to engage, so he didn't want to induce me. And then my water broke smile

May seem stupid but what is engaging exactly?
I am 38 weeks and 1 day today and had an app yesterday and bubs is still floating free.This is my second so apparently this is normal but i do worry that i will be way overdue because of this.I am not very good at explaining but engaged is when the bubs head is sitting in yor pelvis,it goes in fractions eg the amount of bubs head sitting in there,someone else may be able to explain better!
The engagement or 'station' is usually measured in '5ths' and is based on the fact that the width of an adult hand is about the size of a term baby's head. When recording engagement on your pregnancy records, usually the amount of the baby's head that is felt by the caregiver's hand is measured and written down, providing a guide as to how much of the baby's head is engaged in the pelvis. As a guide:

If 5 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as 5/5 palpable or 'unengaged'.
If 4 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '4/5' palpable or 1/5 engaged.
If 3 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '3/5' palpable or 2/5 engaged.
If 2 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '2/5' palpable or 3/5 engaged.
If 1 finger width of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '1/5' palpable or 4/5 engaged.
If your baby's head cannot be felt it is written as 'fully engaged' or 'not palpable'.

Most babies become 2 to 3 fifths engaged (or 2 to 3 fifths palpable) before labour commences, only becoming fully engaged during labour. If your baby is very active they may move 'in and out' of different levels of engagement during the last few weeks of the pregnancy, especially if this is not your first baby but first babaies tend to stick and only progress further. Alot of first time pregnancies drop/become engaged in the early weeks of the 30's but 2nd pregnancies dont tend to engaged until later and some not until labour starts!
Ah that makes a bit of sense.. So I should expect it soonish then maybe? Is it uncomfortable?
hello, im 30 weeks and bub is almost fully engaged. did anyone end up going early due to this. my midwife thinks that i will go early since im almost engaged. she said it was uncommon to
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