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nicknames? Lock Rss

hi, just thought id ask what everyones calling there growing bubba
i call mine peanut people give me the strangest looks lol but i just hate saying it
tell me im not the only one whos got a little nickname lol

I haven't got one yet..trying to find a good one. DS was called "Little Gill" which is a short form of our last name. I have heard people use "bubble" "tadpole" "squirm" all so cute! Actually maybe this bub could be "Little Wiggle" coz my DS LOVES the Wiggles and I'm sure this bub is wiggling around in there

my sisters gave DD the name "Boris" when I was pregnant as we all agreed that we hated saying "it". They chose the name as they figured it was something we wouldn't use as a real name (although my aunt was apparently quietly concerned about it lol).

DH chose the name "Kermit" for this one.

You're not the only one that hates referring to the growing baby as an 'it'. I can't stand it. It sounds so alien. My husband and I named the baby 'Bean' as when we first saw Bean on the scan it was shaped like one. The name has stuck and the baby is known as that for the next six weeks. It seems the name has stuck with a lot of my friends also, as when we catch up they ask how Bean is doing. Hahaha.

lol im so glad im not the only one
yes saying "it" just sounds so wrong
im so loving all the names!!!

lol we call our baby peanut too coz it looked like an unshelled peanut on the first scan its so hard not to call peanut he or she because id love to be we are keeping the gender a secret from our kids and parents so it it is lol some people just cant stand it tho and demand we tell them what we are having pfffft i reckon
everyone keeps asking me what im having i wont know till next week but i wont be keeping it a secret i hate surprises plus after 2 boys & if it was a girl i wouldnt be able to help myself lol

lol my dad was convinced we knew what we were having with DD (we didn't - she wouldn't co-operate at any of the scans) simply because my sister's chose the name boris and I kept saying "he" in reference to the bub instead of it (I call all babies he until I know the gender). I had to point out that dh was saying "she" to get him to stop insisting we knew we were having a boy.

My sisters are a little upset this time round actually - Kermit is going to stick where as Boris didn't. That's purely because of DD though, she will come up to me to give Kermit a kiss/cuddle etc and talks a lot about Kermit so it will be interesting to see how she goes when Kermit comes home from hospital and isn't called Kermit anymore lol (think the poor boy's going to be called Kermit for life smile]).

Ours is Sprat. A few people have said to me "you can't call her Sprat - that's a little fish!". Well I know that and yes I can. It's better than calling her "bump" or "it" and we're not giving away any names until she is born. So until then she's Sprat!

Up until we found out we were having a boy we were just saying bubba, now we know we call him by his name.

My sister has been calling him smudge from the beginning smile

Haha, no your definately not the only one!

My husband & I call ours Bumpy, we didn't really have one for our first though.
My sister & her husband called theirs 'Seven' as in the number 7!
A girlfriend & her partner called theirs 'Smudge' which turned to 'Smudgette' after their 20 week scan!

This one is Beryl (was Athol but that changed at 20 week scan)

DS was Baldric.

DH and I have lots of fun seeing how many people we can convince that the name is real. Drove Mil nuts last time, which was a bonus. I think she's clued on this time that we aren't serious.

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