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Worried, no movement for 24 hours. Lock Rss

Hi guys, am I silly to be worried after only 24 hours with no movement? I am only 23 weeks with an anterior placenta and have only been feeling baby for 2 weeks. Last 4 days were really strong movements that u could see my belly move. Now I have had nothing for 24 hours so I am missing it and just started to worry a bit. When do u think I should be concerned?
[Edited on 28/01/2010]
I would ring the midwife, and go get checked out

id be off to doctors put your mind at rest some babys dont move much so do flipflops but id be going to get a look
let us know & good luck

I south african doctor told me that if i felt no movement a trick to try get them to move is to get an empty coke can (or a similar can) and put it on your belly and flick the ring pull up and down a few times because the baby can feel the vibrations.The doctor did it to me on my first pregnancy in the hospital to get her to move so they could find the heart beat but i would also call a doctor if your concerned

Call your Dr or midwife, its always better safe than sorry and they say something like 6 movements in 12 hours - of course they can happen when you are asleep and you miss them etc, but...
it will put your mind at rest, and just in case something is not right, they can pick it up early (might be sitting on the cord etc)!


If at all concerned I would go and get it checked out. However, here are a few things I have used to get bub to move. Lie on your side, drink cold close to freezing water...bub doesn't like the cold. Lie on the couch and relax and if comfortable maybe softely push on your tummy and see if bub responds.

Tiff, Vic. Isaac born 10/3/06 Number 2 due 3/2/10

hi guys, thanx for your replies. i tried all the tricks but nothing worked so i thought instead of worrying i will make a doc appointment. well as soon as i did bubs starts kicking and dancing like crazy! YAY....i will never complain about being pregnant again!! lol...
hey i had the other day i felt no movment with bub and got worried and went to my mid wifes she said to me that bub sleep alot around about it this even for 4 hours or more but i would still go and get cheacked out to be on the safe siad its always better to be safe than sorry. take care Aleisha

I have an anterior placenta too which does make it difficult to feel the baby moving. My midwife told me not to expect to feel her every day until after 24 weeks so I wouldn't panic. That extra weeks does make a difference.

next time when you felt 10 kicks within 24 hours you should go straight to the hospital as this can be a sign of problems.
I had the placenta at the front for my 2nd pregnancy. My DD also went a whole day without moving when i was about 22weeks which scared me. My DS was quite predictable about when he would move etc. I would find my DD would often be quiet in the day and start movign around heaps at night.
hi there
i had the same last pg and it is worrying. i didn't feel much at all til about 22 weeks and even then i had to really concentrate to feel it. it could be that bubs has its legs facing towards the back so any kicks you wouldn't really feel. it can help to have a really cold drink and a lie down and that will start bubs moving. don't forget tho that they do rest in there so maybe the movements have been at night when you are asleep so that is why you haven't noticed as many the last day or so.

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