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unborn bubs heartbeat Rss

hi guys,
i have a question about what i think is an old wives tale but wondering if there is any truth to it??
i was told that with unborn babies heartbeats one sex beats faster than the other but canot remeber which one was which?!?!

i had my 20 week scan today and had a very stubborn bub that didnt want to open its legs and also had the cord between them lol....and its heart beat was 148 bpm.....

so just wanting to hear any stories of anyone elses bubs heartbeat and what sex they were?!?!

look forward to hearing from you all smilesmile
Hey there

I was told that the faster the heartbeat bubs would be a girl and the slower the heartbeat then a boy. With my first bub her heartbeat was always over 155 and she was a girl

I really don't know how true this is lol
I heard bubs heartbeat the other day and it was 157 so maybe another girl?? we'll see lol

Ds 17/10/06


I was told early on by my midwife that she thought I was having a boy because of a slower heart rate. Wrong!! I guess my wee girl was just nice and relaxed.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Your baby's heart rate rises and falls when different things happen to it, eg stress, etc. Even when the mother orgasms a baby's heart rate rises! So being able to tell the sex by the heart rate is in fact a myth. But some ppl swear by it, even though its been medically proven that the only way to determine the sex is through ultrasound or through the amniocists (sp) test. But its a lot of fun trying to guess. Go with your instincts, its usually more right anyway!

Hi Kirsty,
I'm 25 weeks preggy with my third child, my last baby was a girl and her heart beat was around 160 and when I had my last ultra sound with this bubs the heart rate was 160 as well and I do know that I'm having a boy this time as we found out on the last ultra, as my dr said to me you just blew that wives tale out the window.
Good luck

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

My little boy's heartbeat is usually around 150 on average, even though now its slowed down a little bit, i'm not sure what truth there is to the old wives tale. Maybe you'll have more luck with a 3D scan!
Good luck smile
Hi Kristy,

How are you? Im 30 wks today & wen I had my first ultrasound @ 10wks babies heartbeat was over 158bpm. I was sure it was a girl as I had heard the same wifes tale from a friend and she see's all truth in the tale. Then at 19wks I had my second ultrasound to only discover that I am having a boy. His heartbeat then was 145bpm. I'ts hard to determine truth from these tales. Although some are really interesting to hear about.

Alessi, 10 july 2006

Hya! I was told if the beat was over 150bpm it's a boy! and if it's under..a girl!
Well my bubs heart beat was always in the 160bpms and well what do you know,he was a boy! loL!
What other things have u tried? We tried the ring and string tale! and it said it was a girl! LIER! lol

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