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Is there anything more painfull than childbirth?? Lock Rss there anything out there that compares to the pain of childbirth? Or is it the most painfull thing imaginable? Just wondering??? I am gonna try to master it drug free. The ultimate mental challenge and I want too see if I can do it! Safely of course. smile
[Edited on 12/02/2010]
I dont know, I have never been struck by lightening but I think that would be pretty close. My hat goes off to you for your positivity and I hope you can do it drug free. Me.....bring on the epidural. I am not pushing out TWO babies without help. is the most painful thing ever! Especially the vontouse! But I did it drug free for my son, so you can do it too!

I did it drug free for both of my sons but I still think it is the most painful thing ever!!!! Good luck!!
IMO paper cuts and shaving nicks hurt more....but apparently I am a freak. LOL

Seriously, I have really fast labours which is not the walk in the park that people think it is. With DS1 I had about 5 puffs of gas (not used correctly I later found out)and nothing with DS2. DS1 was born in a hospital, DS2 was a planned home water birth. DS2 was bigger (1lb 7oz heavier, 5cm longer and a HC 3cm bigger) but he was actually my easier birth. I was 'in the zone' and on a scale of 1-10, the 'pain' was at most a 2 with him.

Yes it was painful, but I managed it drug free (tried the gas but 1 puff made me feel yuck, by the time I decided I wanted pethedine it was too late to have it). I have never experienced kidney stones but, have heard that passing one of them is actually more painful.

if you have ever had gallstones that pain is pretty much on par with contractions at their worst IMO! also i have an allergy to most painkillers that gives me a pain similar to gallstone pain and it is as agonising as contractions. it hurts so much i can't breathe, and the pain comes in waves just like when having contractions in labour. the pain lasts until the drug has worn out of my system. so i try to avoid most painkillers!!!

Has anyone here ever had a kidney infection? I had a really bad one once and it put me in hospital for a week.
Do you think child birth would compare to that? I know it's hard to say but i've never been through it either and I wanna know what i'm kinda in for lol.
As PP said, Gallstone attacks are pretty much up there...

An 18 minute drugfree labour with a 10lb 12oz (4880g) baby isn't a walk in the park either!!
I personally havent encountered anything more painful than childbirth, but I have also never had any serious health problems or physical accidents.

I had no drugs, and got myself "in the zone" while pushing which made everything so much easier. I just focused on DPs encouragement inbetween contractions and focused on pushing her out during them so it would be over lol.

I found the pain was over as soon as she was out.

Definately the most painful thing ever, but it's a pain that is so easily forgotten like nothing else either!! You remember clearly the most excruciating pain you've experienced, but for some reason, not childbirth. Even during it, you know that it won't last forever........and every pain/contraction is just one more closer to meeting your baby. It's SOOOOOOO worth it!! Good on you for wanting to master it drug free, but be open to using stuff IF you need! Then you won't feel disappointed in yourself if you change your mind smile Good luck!! And enjoy it!!

Gallstone attacks are by far the worst pain ever!
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