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Toxoplasmosis Lock Rss

I am being very paranoid but I just wondered whether anyone had encountered this whilst pregnant. I am 35 weeks & we have a kitten - didn't plan it but it was found in our back yard because the hopelss people over the back are losing kittens everywhere (have since taken 2 to the vet) we decided to keep the first one. She was only little & we wanted to give her a home. Im sure plenty of pregnant women have cats.

Anyway - my DP is the one who cleans the kitty litter and baths her should she make a mess and I always wash my hands... I am very careful, she's had her first required needle & been checked over by the vet, all ok. She's getting her second needle this weekend and being wormed.

My concern is I do have a few little bites on me, but my DP doesn't? She has been flead but I assume maybe this is all it was, I have read about symptoms of Toxoplasmosis & they are quite severe, the cat firstly needs to have the parasite from eating rodants so it sounds like a thing that you wouldn't catch very often. Anyway I am going to ask the doc about my little itchy bites but just also wanted to see who had some info to offer, or if anyone has experienced anything smilar.

We've washed everything & always been very careful. Someone even suggested bedmites & to buy a new doona, but then why doesn't DP have it?

Look forward to any advice or info.


Hi......congrats on being pregnant firstly!!!!!

I have a 6 yo cat and am expecting my 2 child in september. I have never had a problem with my cat when I was pregnant because my partner changes the kitty litter, and if I need to touch it for some reason I wear a dust mask and gardening gloves just to be sure!

If you read up on toxoplasmosis, the only way you can be in risk and getting infected are if :

1. Your cat has contact with other cats (my cat is only and inside cat)
2. If the cat poo has been leftt in the litter tray for more than 24 hours because that is when the bacteria starts to develop in it.

So I always have a scoop near my litter tray and when I see a poo I put the mask and the gloves on (just to be sure) and flush it down the toilet.

Hope this helps

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

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