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Morning Sickness Lock Rss

Hi guys

I'm just after a bit of advice really. This is my first pregnany (i'm nearly 5 weeks) and for the last week i have had awful nausea for pretty much the whole day. This morning however, I wake up and nothing. I don't feel half as sick as I have been. Is this normal??? Any advice would be really great as I am a bit nervous. Thanks.


hi Kate smile

think of it as a good thing that you're not having a bad day, i only threw up twice during my pregnancy and that was during my second trimester. some women dont get any morning sickness at all, the symptoms do die down (not for all, but for a lot of women yes) and you will start to feel better.

Good luck with everything smile

bec xo
You are having a good time. I am 6 weeks pregnant and ever since last week have not been able to keep much down at all and have ended up in hospital on a drip already because of dehydration (happened with last pregnant too)........with pregnancy you can have all good days, some good days some bad and then you can be like me and have a rotten time. Its normal.......but dont expect it to last because i found as soon as i thought i was ok it returned. Keep your chin up and be glad your feeling well when you are and make the most of it!!!! and CONGRATS on your first pregnancy!

Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

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