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dissappearing symptoms Lock Rss

I am nine weeks pregnant with my first child. I started to feel sick around seven and a half weeks however for the last couple of days i have felt fine not sick at all. I haven't had any bleeding or cramping but am concerned that something may be wrong. has anybody else experienced this?
Hi Rupert,


I am 28 weeks pregnant and I still dont feel pregnant. I spent the first trimester waiting to get sick and everybody kept telling me- it will come and I never did get sick. I think I bought half a dozen pregnancy test because I felt fine and didnt believe it. I have actually felt more healthy then I have ever felt in my life and if it wasnt for my growing belly I would forget I am preggies.
SO anyway I think everyone is different when it comes to being pregnant and you may be one of the lucky ones and find that was all the Mornin sickness you get.
Always trust your instincts though and if you feel maybe something is very wrong get up to the docs for that reasurance.
Good Luck....
hey dont stress, thats cool u dont have that many symptoms. I only threw up twice my entire pregnancy and that was in my second trimester, its been great not having that many symptoms although i do feel tired a lot these days.

Anyway no bleeding or cramping is excellent as well, trust me u dont want it!

Hopefully you'll have a great pregnancy smile good luck

Bec xo
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