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episiotomy Rss

hey this might be a dumb question but wot does episiotomy mean? ive heard they are really horrible, but dunno what they are.

can anyone help?

Bec xo
Hi Bec

An episiotomy is where the doctor makes a small cut 'down there' to help make more room for the baby to come out. He will usually only do it if it looks to him like you are going to tear as a tear is much harder to repair than a neat, clean surgical incision.

I tore with my first daughter and it hasn't healed very well so my doc has told me that this time, I'll definitely need an episiotomy to prevent further tearing along my old scar.

It is a scary thought <I'm trying not to think about it just yet>, but I think they give you a local anasthetic to numb the area first.

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

Hi bec1984 an episiotomy is when they have to snip the opening to make it bigger so the baby can fit through then stitch it up. Before my son was born the thought of having one near made me puke but during his birth I tore alot on the inside and they gave me a episiotomy as well so he could fit. It all happened very quick one minute I was pushing away and the next I heard the doctor say we're going to have to cut and before I could open my mouth to say anything it was done. I'd had a epidural so I didn't feel anything and I was very sore down there for a couple of weeks as things healed but all in all whilst not pleasant it wasn't as bad as I imagined it. The stitches disolve so you don't have to have them out or anything and by the time my son was six weeks old everything was back to normal. Whilst I hope that I don't need one this time It's not the end of the world and you do heal up just fine. Take care.
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