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chinese lunar calender (b/g) Lock Rss


discovered this calender in a mag ofmine and thought i might share. what it does is predicts whether bubs is a boy or girl with ur lunar age and month of conception (for your calender check out this months cosmo preg) if u want me to tell you more let me know! smile apparently im having a boy!

manda smile xx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

i have used on of those calenders for all my other kids and it has been right every time and the one i have says bub will be a girl bub is due 29/11 maybe yours will say different dunno??
Oooo ... mine says I'm having a boy! I SO hope it's right!!! Will let you all know tomorrow at my 20 week scan ... <fingers crossed>

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

I have checked the chinese calender on both stalknet and pregnancy weekly and both say its a boy. As far as adding nine months it doesn't matter in my case even though the age changes, bubs was concieved around the 19th January and is due the day after my birthday and I was 30 at conception and 31 if you add none months but both ages come up with a boy for a bub conceived in Jan. The ring test also says boy, I hope they are right because my sister is having a girl in August and I don't want anyone comparing my baby to hers

The one I got with my Pregnancy and Birth mag says that I'm having a boy too lol. My partner is convinced it will be a boy and I'm saying a girl. We dont mind either way but it's still fun!

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