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No morning sickness Lock Rss

I'm half way through 6 weeks of pregnancy and just wondering if anyone else out there that is pregnant or has been pregnant that didn't experience morning sickness in the early stages? I had morning sickness with my first, but have nothing now. I do seem to have tender breasts and slight cramps here and there but thats it.


I haven't had morning sickness at all with either of my pregnancies. Just tiredness, backache and faintness lol
pretty normal I think. About half of the women I know who have been pregnant have had ms dont think its a sure thing. Lucky you! : )

mine didn't start until about week 8 and only lasted a couple of weeks this time.

last time it was about week 7 and lasted til about 13 weeks.

oh and it was only very mild. only threw up once, just felt a bit off some of the day, but not all day or anything. i was very lucky!

I had 2 days throughout my pregnancy where I felt like I had car sickness, but no vomiting and no other sickness at all.

I had no morning sickness at all with my first - a girl. So make the most of it and enjoy it! And my theory is that if you're pregnancies are very different ( lots of sickness, another none at all). I am now pregnant a second time and have been very sick so am expecting a boy this time!
I'd say it's pretty normal and lucky to have no morning sickness i have had no morning sickness with either three of my pregnancies, but have had extreemly sore boobs and tired to the max. I've also been told it's usually what your mum was like as well, what truth in that there is im not sure but my mum have six babies and no sickness at all.

I wish! I had morning sickness from about 5 wks to about 20 wks and still feel nauseus when I'm hungry. I heard about 75% of women get some degree of morning sickness so you're pretty lucky if you don't get it but you are only 6 weeks so you could still get it.

I haven't suffered morning sickness. This is my first pregnancy and I'm expecting a girl. I did have some nausea in the first trimester but in most cases this was due to hunger. I found mentos really helpful in easing it too.

With DD I had no problems with morning sickness at all, in fact I had no signs that I was pregnant aside from a lack of AF until I started to feel bub moving!

This time round I had some issues with being queasy in the morning through the first trimester but no actual morning sickness until after 12 weeks. The only reason I had morning sickness then though was that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and if my blood sugar levels were below a certain point first thing in the morning I'd be sick so I learnt very quickly to keep my levels above that point by being careful about my supper the night before smile

Hi Nicola,

I didn't have any M/S with either of my girls. It could still be a little early for you yet so enjoy it while you can, I say! smile

With this pregnancy, I haven't had any M/S either but I'm only 5 and a bit weeks along so only time will tell.

FX you don't get any this pregnancy! grin

I have had a boy and a girl, and with both pregnancies I vomited from 5 weeks until delivery! The first 3 months I spent in and out of hospital, and after that I was sick 3 to 4 times a day. I had wonderful deliveries though, 6 hours for the first, and 5 for the second so that makes up for it!
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