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Cramps in the last few weeks Lock Rss

hi there,
I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced leg cramps??
I'm Almost 38 weeks pregnant, and for the last few weeks I end up waking up half way through the night with massive cramps, I was told by my mid-wife to have soda water or crisp chips. I have tried the soda water, and still has not helped. It sucks because The next day the muscle in my leg is very sore and can last up to 2 days worth of pain. I have tried warm baths to ease the muscle pain, just can't seem to get the cramps to stop.
I only have 2 weeks left but it is very annoying waking up in pain almost every night.
Considering I wake up to go to the toilet atleast 2-3 times a night let alone trying to get to the toilet after having massive cramps.

Any information will be helpful, Thank you smile
try calcium supplements AND not soda but Tonic Water (yuck, but the quinine in it helps cramps) calcium helps me enough though, and the chips would be for the salts although the best salt is the iodised stuff (green saxa salt packet/bottle) if you can add that to your food and cooking should help a little too (and good for bubby's brain!)
When I get leg cramps they are worse than contractions so I know how you feel! the calcium supplements will be your quickest results (even just adding a few extra serves of things like yoghurt, cheese and milk can be enough to keep them at bay!)


Hi There

I have suffered severly with leg cramps for many years (due to a rare muscle condition i have). In order to assist in getting rid of the pain(sorry not prevention, as i was having pressure point accupuncture) but i'd put a cold pack (not ice, just out of the fridge is enough) and then while leaving that one for a few minutes i heated a wheat pack / heat pack and then went back to bed to let the muscle rest.

I know exactly what you mean about he after affects. I also make sure i sleep with my legs slightly bent (stretching out straight causes a lot as well) and make sure they are not getting a chill.

I have tried many remedies, including magnesium, prescribed drugs etc and know how deblitating the cramps can be. I hope you can get some small relief until bub gets here.

Thank you so much for all your help, I hope after Bubs is born, They'll go away if not I will try more things. It's hard to try new things incase it may have an effect on the baby. I have only 2 weeks left ( I hope ) So if this is only temporarily than I don't have to put up with it for too much longer.

Once again Thank you!
xxx casey
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