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Being a first time mum i'm not really sure where to start. Can you please offer me your recomendations /suggestions / opionions in regards to purchasing a nappy bag.

Obviously some are quite expensive, so want to buy the right one thats practical, modern and useful.

initially i bought a plastic one and it served well, but then i had to carry around a nappy bag, purse, plus i went and bought a nappy bag come purse which serves both purposes in one, looks like a purse, no one would know you are carrying baby stuff in it. i got it from ebay for about 40$, so not bad i think from angel maternity store on ebay. gl

I just have a decent size leather bag that I recieved as a promotional item from one of the clothing stores. It works great and has 3 pockets on the inside for my wallet/keys/etc. No need to buy specifically "nappy" bag as they seem to be an overprized version of the normal bag and only cost that much because mothers are willing to pay for it.
I was given a kapoochi nappy bag but i have never actually used it! It is too bulky for a simple shopping trip. I have found that the bag i got with my Avent breast pump is a perfect size to fit nappies, wipes, change mat, cream and even a change of clothes.
I have been looking at the isoki Reversible Hobo Baby Bag, it appears to have a lot of good review but definately is on the pricey side. If its as good as the reviews i'm happy to buy it but without seeing it, i'd really like some other mums opinions?

Any ideas? Anyone have one? THought of buying one?

Haven't heard of that one, but my recommendations are :- one with lots of inside pockets so it's quick and easy to find things; and one with at least a couple of outside pockets for your stuff - ie.keys, mobile phone, purse etc.
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