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First time mum to bes Lock Rss

Hi there Im 18 years old and Im due in August.

I would like to be able to share my first experiences with other first time mums.

Im new to the Huggies website and I have read some of the other Topics but don't understand the lingo for example 'BFP' im guessing it could be a BIG FAT POSITIVE correct me if I'm wrong.

I live in Auckland New Zealand I hope to hear from you first time expecting mums soon.
Hi Ashlee_Dm,

I'm 20 years old and am currently expecting my first baby as well.

My EDD is the 11th October 2010 (I am currently 16 Weeks & 2 Days).

I live in QLD, Australia on the Sunshine Coast.

Would be lovely to have another young first time mummy to share experiences with!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Jess tongue
Hi jess yay im happy that someone has commented back lol....

Im 23 weeks will be 24 at the end of this week...
How's you pregnancy going..?
Have you started to purchase any baby items yet?
Wow 33 weeks! The countdown is on!

I am guessing you must be in the uncomfortable stage, and can't wait for the baby to arrive already??

My pregnancy is going great! I was quite ill with Morning Sickness up until about 12 Weeks, but have been feeling so good ever since. My appetite is back with a vengeance and I am constantly craving yummy foods.

Since hitting the Second Trimester time seems to be flying. I guess as the risk of miscarriage has reduced considerably, I am much more relaxed and can enjoy my pregnancy!

I've only got a little bit of a bump so far (as you can see from my profile picture). I am still in the fat stage where nothing fits, but it's not extremely obvious to everyone else that I am pregnant yet, lol.

I am extremely impatient and cannot wait for my 20 Week Scan on the 25th May, we are getting a 4D Ultrasound. Can't wait to find out what sex the baby is!

Did you have a normal 20 week ultrasound or 4D?? Did you find out the sex of your baby?

How is your pregnancy going?

Anyway sorry for the long post, look forward to hearing from you!

Sorry!! Your 23 weeks...

I am clearly suffering from 'Baby Brain', my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Disregard that bit lol.

Jess sad
Haha actually it wasn't your eyes playing tricks on you I accidentally said 33 weeks insted but edit it to 23 (baby brain moment lol.)

Aww I remember the first trimester I had all day nausea for the first 12 weeks and was sick alot at night.
In the first trimester I was so worried about having a misscarridge and I agree with you know that I'm out of the high risk stage time does seem to be flying by.

I got a normal ultrasound scan done but I am getting a 4D scan done on my 27th week. For some reason in New Zealand they only recommend them after the 28th week but I can't wait that long. I did find out the sex of my baby it's a little girl, for some reason everyone thought she was going to be a boy but im over the moon that shes strong and healthy.

I'm still small too alot of people have made comments about it, which lead to me worrying but I asked my mid-wife and docter why I hadn't sprouted a huge baby bump and they said that it was just because I was tiny before my pregnancy.

Have you felt your baby move yet?

Hope to hear from you soon

Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby girl!! grin

The 4D ultrasound sounds really cool, I just can't help but feel like I'm cheating a little, as we are going to see exactly what the baby looks like!

I have actually been lucky enough to have felt the first flutters at 14-15 Weeks. Very strange for a first pregnancy to feel it that early, but I think it depends on the size of the baby, the position it is in, the size of the mother before getting pregnant etc...

I felt my first more prominent movements towards the end of Week 15, more like a gentle poke/nudge.

Now at 16 & a half weeks, I was sitting on the couch last night and felt the strongest poke of all so far, it kind of took my breath away. Startled me a bit!

No full on strong kicks yet though, can't wait for the movements to get stronger over the next few weeks. I'm dying to know what it feels like!

What about yourself, when did you first feel movements? What is it like now at nearly 24 Weeks? I bet it is going crazy! Can other people feel Bubba moving yet?

I remember getting my first movements when I was 16 weeks pregnant but it didn't feel like a flutter it felt like someone came up to me and flicked my belly.

Now however I can see her little head poking out the side of my tummy its the most unusual sensation and she sure can kick, but its the best feeling ever.
Now that her ears are developed fully when she hears loud noises or people talking especially her daddy she starts kicking alot its cute really because it seems like shes just letting everyone know that shes there too.
And you can feel it when she gets the hickups

I let my mid-wife touch my tummy when I said that I could feel her head and the mid-wife touched my belly and laughed and said "that could either be her little bum or her little head."

Alot of people can feel her move when I cuddle up to her dad at night he says that he can feel her kicking his back lol... laugh

I can't wait to hear what your having grin

I need to get a picture up and show you my size at 23 weeks.
Even though the radiologist has told me that i having a girl im going to wait for my 4D im going on the 20th of may just to make sure.
You will definitly find out the sex with a 4D scan.
It would be great to see a picture of your baby bump!

I can't believe she gets excited when she hears her daddy's voice, how adorable! I bet you can't wait to meet her!

Have you got any names picked out yet?

I can understand how you could still feel unsure after they have told you the sex, they do get it wrong sometimes!!

Are you keeping a weekly diary of your symptoms & how your feeling etc?

Have you been using a cream for Stretch Marks?

Sorry I've got sooo many more questions to ask you, I'll let you reply to these ones first lol laugh

My partner and I went threw about 5 different name books and a whole lot of websites and both agreed that Aaliyah for our little girl was the name we wanted. And we wanted Zion for a boy...
Have you thought of any names?

I was looking at my 2D scan tonight and I can't make out her area I mean the person doing the scan was 95% positive that shes a little girl. I would be so upset if it wasn't a little girl I have brought so many dresses and pink things I wouldn't know what to do lol. Have you brought any uni sex clothing yet?

I'm not keeping a diary of my symptoms are you?
But I am making a box of memories for baby, ive put her first scan pictures in there my scan appointment cards and things like that.

I use stretch mark cream every morning and night everytime I have a shower I'm such a stretch mark cream freak lol. Wbu do you use it?

Keep the questions coming.

Aaliyah is lovely, I like it!

If we have a boy we will call him Nathan James, but we are a little stuck on girls names. We like Eva Rosemary (Rosemary after my mother who passed away 8 years ago), but we are not certain yet. I also like Emma Rosemary.
Let me know what you think!

I actually haven't bought any clothes yet. I have decided to wait until after my Baby Shower in August before I start buying clothes, as I may get given quite a few things! It makes it a lot harder as we don't know the sex yet, and I don't like the thought of the baby wearing all yellow or green (unisex colours)!!

I have however started buying the basic baby items; nappies, powder, rash creams, wipes etc. and the cot & stroller have been given to us as a gift by my Fiance's parents. They are very excited as this is their first Grandchild! My sister was nice enough to give us all her baby clothes; she has 2 daughters and is not having anymore children, so she has given us quite a collection of girls clothes!! So in a way, I am hoping the baby is a girl for that reason!

I have been keeping a weekly record of my weight, symptoms etc. but I have also kept a personal diary which I will one day give to the baby. I just write a few lines about how I am feeling at the time, and how excited we are!! The memory box is a good idea, I have even kept the Pregnancy Test!

I've been taking a weekly baby bump photo to keep family living in other states updated.

I am in love with the Palmers Cocoa Butter range! I have been alternating between the Massage Cream for Stretch Marks, and the Skin Therapy Oil. I apply twice a day after my shower, can't get enough of the products!

Anyways sorry again for the long post, let me know if you have any questions!

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