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First time mum to bes Lock Rss

I love both of the names...

I really like Eva and Emma, we don't really here the name Eva over here so i'd probably go with Eva just because I like uncommon names laugh

I decided I had to buy some uni-sex clothes just because I didn't want to be having to rush at the end of the pregnancy trying to get everything, and that's why I'm having my baby shower early.
I don't really feel like i've had much support from my family for some reason.
Distant relatives gave me some draws and my dad brought me a pram.
But I absolutly LOVE the pram it has a place that Aaliyahs capsule can click into so I don't have to carry the capsule around every where with me.

I would have loved to keep a Diary of my weight and symptoms etc.
But I had such a ruff time during the start of my pregnancy with my partners mother that she took all the times I was supposed to be enjoying my pregnancy and made them into something horrible. sad

I suppose I could write my personal diary still?

I love palmers cocoa butter to I can't go without it, I have tried heaps of other stuf homeopathic stuff and bio oil but palmers cocoa butter is the one im sticking to just because it's made for the job wink

Have you started to get back pains YET?
Hi Girls, i hope you do not mind me joining, my name is Jess also and i am 21years old (Just i am 24weeks pregnant and due on 18th of August!

I hope to get to know you girls since we all prity much same age and due with our firsts around the same time he he

Anyway i live in Victoria and work full time while finishing off my last unit class for my degree

Hi Jess, you are more than welcome!

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I think it is great to have other young first time mummies to talk to, pregnancy can be a lonely time. This site offers a great 'support network'.

Although I am originally from QLD, I met my Fiance in Vic, we have been together for 4 years now. We moved to QLD last November just for a change and after 2 years of trying to conceive, we fell pregnant in January with our surprise/miracle baby! As we have majority of our family in Vic, we have decided to make the move back home. I will be leaving at the start of June (21 Weeks preg), and Luke will stay here in QLD until his job runs out in September.

Whereabouts in Vic are you? What is your degree?

Hope your pregnancy is going well!

Jess H
Ash, I have had that reaction from most people, they all seem to like Eva Rosemary.

Aaliyah's capsule sounds great! It would make things so much easier..

Sorry to hear about your mother in law, sounds like she is giving you a hard time? I bet it must make things really hard, and it probably puts your partner in an awkward position as he is in the middle. People can be so mean!

I have been blessed and am lucky enough to have the best in-laws ever. My own mother passed away when I was 12, and my father is a very easy going, reserved kind of person who desont like to say too much or disturb the peace, so I guess I am lucky in that way. I don't have to put up with any drama's! We are actually going to be living with my in-laws as of June, so I hope things will go ok!

It's never too late for you to start your Diary, there is no time like the present!

I have been searching 'You Tube' for 4D ultrasound videos/pictures as I am very intrigued as to what our baby is going to look like on the scan! Whilst I was on You Tube I actually found some pretty cool stuff, you girls should check it out. There are Personal Video Diary's that people have taken of their own pregnancy journeys. It has given me the idea to create my own slide show of pregnancy pictures!

And yes, I am definately getting a sore back. Whenever I sit down at the computer my back aches. If I get stuck into the cleaning; vacumming or dishes I get a very sore back afterwards.

Don't know if it is too early for me to be getting back pain, but it is there! When did your's start?

Jess H grin
Hi Ladies

Hopw you don't mind just adding myself in here...

My name is Tess, I'm 22 and nearly 27 weeks pregnant due on the 2nd of August. None of my friends are pregnant or even have children so not many people to talk to beside my family...

I live in Brissy with my wonderful partner of 3 and a half years. This pregnancy was a complete surprise but a welcomed one. Though it took a little getting used

We aren't finding out the sex, so I haven't bought a single item of clothing, plus I have NO idea what to get lol...

Actually I haven't really bought anything at all, I get too overwhelmed just thinking about it. Though I have just written myself a list of everything I want to have done before I hit 30 weeks (no doubt I will write myself another list for after that point lol)

Hopefully talk soon
Tess =)

P.S Peanut (thats out nickname for our little bundle of joy) is kicking and squirming as I am writing this...we definitely have a lively one on our hands, doesn't stop ever!!!

Hi Tess,

Welcome to the group, congratulations on your pregnancy!

I understand what you mean about being completely overwhelmed when you think about buying baby clothes. I am exactly the same. I haven't bought any yet because we won't know the sex for another 3 weeks.

I normally avoid the baby clothes when I am browsing the baby section, however last week I decided to have a look. Now I wish I hadn't of because I am completely stressing about how many things I am going to have to buy! How do you know how many you'll need, or if you will even use it??!! Argghhh... lol blink

I have however started buying the basics; powder, nappies, wipes etc. My mother inlaw has been going crazy on ebay, and has already bought us a cot & pram. My sister was nice enough to give me her baby seat. So it is just the little knick knacks I am focusing on for now.

Jess H
the mothers on here are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what you need to buy, what you shouldn't bother with...what to pack in your hospital bag. They have so many tricks up their sleeves (like taking your own super soft toilet paper to hospital because you will be a little sore after the birth and the toilet paper they have there is rough haha I would have never thought of that)...

If you have any questions this is place to ask them...there are hundreds of mothers with first hand tips and tricks...

And their are forums about pretty much everything from nappies and prams to budgeting and dinner recipes...

I find myself spending more and more time on here the further along I get...

hi ladies can i join in on ur thread? im 21 and 21 weeks pregnant due 12th of september : ) and am also a first time mummy!
Hi ladies...
I thought i would join in as well. Im 18 weeks atm and live on the South Side of Brisbane. I noticed a few of you are from Brissie as well.
This is my first but im lucky and most of our friends have kids already... we are the late starters smile
Ive been going crazy with the clothes buying even b4 we found out last week that we are having a Boy lol. But im not too worried as we have 7 friends all preggers atm and another 4 trying. So all the pink clothes will make good gifts.
Take Care, Kirsty.
Hi again, I live in Smythesdale which is just outside of Ballarat where abouts are you moving to/back to lol??? ha ha Tess i am the same the only thing i have bought is a nappy bag, everyone is so shocked i have not gone and got things but we are in the process of building a house (which will be ready prob just after bub comes) and we are living at our block in our shed house, so A i do not have a lot of room and B i get nervous about what yo get and how much of things to bye he he

AH i am studying a bachelor in Management i was also doing law but changed to just doing the one to get out and working but now we have little bubs so it has all worked out as i will Finnish uni in June. Yes pregnancy is going so smooth which is great bub is kicking heaps now, how about everyone else???

Hope you ladies dont mind me joining in.
Im 31 weeks and 5 days preggy with my 1st baby and due on june 26th.
We havent found out the sex of bub...but am kinda hoping for a girl but will love a boy too lol.
I live in Timaru in the south island. Dont really have many to talk to except my mum and a friend i met on the net whos due on the same day as me but she lives in canada lol.
I am sooo looking forward to having bub! Its not my partners first, he has an almost 8 yr old daughter that I love! She's asked me if she can have a little sister lol. I hope I dont disapoint her.
I've had a few problems during my pregnancy but bub is healthy so its all good. I have another scan in 2 weeks and cant wait to see bub again!!!

I have all my bubs room ready, and have my hospital bag packed.
So exciting and scary!!!!

well im getting meowed at by a cute fluffy black kitten so I'd better feed it again.
hope to talk to you again soon.

Oh wow, Im so happy to come back and find heaps of new time mummys from different leases of life.....
My names Ashleigh and I would like to say hello to the hannah, kirsty and tess sorry if i've missed some people out.
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