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First time mum to bes Lock Rss

how you feeling nostrum?? max of 3 weeks togo for you! exciting!!! still feel surreal/not happening?
how you feeling nostrum?? max of 3 weeks togo for you! exciting!!! still feel surreal/not happening?
I'm getting impatient! Lol.

I'm doing my best to enjoy the final stretch of pregnancy, because I know I'll miss it! Possibly not the feeling that my bladder is about to explode in the middle of the night, but the whole experience has been such a learning curve.

Mum's coming down next Monday (if I haven't popped by then) to stay, and will stay through til the bub is a week old, and then my sister is driving from Broken Hill to stay for up to a month (or however long we want her), as we've got several events coming up. Dyl will be spending a weekend in QLD at the end of Feb, plus we've got a convention on the last weekend of Feb where we'll have friends from out of town camping in our backyard.
It's gonna be a wild month.
If you can't tell I was quite excited about this and hope it will continue.
I need a break soo bad!

tropical2705 - Hi! I wouldn't believe any of those old wives tales. Most of the 'predictions' people have trun out to be wrong, and the ones that are right would be what most people call a 'coincidence'. I got so sick of people and their theories, they drove me insane...
And don't get me stared on advice
Sad to hear that you will be a single mum, but I'm sure you can do it smile

Sept25? - Gone off chocolate? That is weird! I was reading a thread on here a while ago about what cravings people had when they were pergnant and most people craved chocolate. But I suppose someone has to be different tongue

I had taken a pee test and blood test which both came back negative before a final pee test was positve. So DH knew it was a possibility, but he was still shocked. I took the test about 10 minutes before he was due to get home from work, and dropped the news about 10 minutes after he walked in the door. At first he was shocked and after it had sunk in a little he rushed me out the door so we could go and visit his mum at work.

However, one of the first things he said after I told him was 'I'm getting my motorbike now or I never will'. lol

Nostrum - I was pretty impatient too, but mostly because I was sick of being pregnant. Mind you, i kinda hated being pregnant right from the start...

Gee what a busy time you are going to have. I do not envy you at all, but I'm sure it will be great having your sister there.

Oh, and of course we can keep in touch if you have a girl tongue

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

yea like zinkles I didnt enjoy pregnancy at all - i dislike laybuy purchases and this was no different! luckily he came early but was planning for the whole 10days after the EDD, so it came as a massive shock.

nostrum, the whole needing to pee 7 million times a night disappears instantly once bubs is here(unless you have fluid pumped into you mind you)
I feel like a battering ram today. Jellybean keeps punching my hip, and kicking my ribs.
Thankfully it's stayed away from my organs.

Soooo many Braxton Hicks.
ONE PERSON MEXICAN WAVE! Wooo! Wooooo! Wooo-ooo-ooo!

... Seriously. That's what Jellybean's been doing for the past FOUR HOURS.
Occasionally alternating by playing Corners.

I think I'm gonna go shine a torch up my hoo-haa so the damned beastie can find its way out now.
Lol lol lol!
Nostrum, when i was about 28 weeks bub was in the breech position, i was stressing she would stay that way so i read up on breech babies and how to get them to turn etc.
Anyway i found a thread on here and someone said "Get the babys dad(or whoever) to talk to the baby up your hoo-ha!" I had a laugh about still laughing.
I miss the baby belly:(
I want another one!
Hoping the jellybean comes out soon..labour vibes to you grin
Hi all,
thought id join this thread.
Im currently 11wks pregnant with our first baby and 22yrs old living in South Australia.

bit nervous that something will go wrong as our first
attempt was a miscarriage at 6 wks.

My DS will be coming home tuesday week (Thought on oxygen, and he had his nazel tube taken out (The green tube that feed's him milk) and I will be learning how to keep doing his oxygen on saturday) grin I am going into parent craft on Thursday week night.

How's everyone going?
Oh, that's so exciting, BabyBlue! I bet you can't wait. smile

Contemplating going back for a wallow in the pool, but its slowly cooling off and the water isn't in the sun any more.
BabyBlueBird - omg that is so exciting! bet you cant wait!! cant believe hes almost 3 months old.

Nostrum - hows the bump going now? rather annoying yet? lol. yea that needing to pee all teh time disappears pretty quickly, although during the night i have to go toilet before i feed DS, the muscles down there aren't so good at holding it all in lol.

dolphinmia - congrats on the pregnancy!! im 20 and have a 5month old son. im in wellington NZ.

Keirasmummy! - haha would have been funny to actually see some father speaking up your hoo-ha lol. i dont think i would be willing to give that a go...even after 12 days overdue.

Zinkles - wow that is amazing. has it done it again since then? hows he feeling now? have you got the test results back of that mass yet?

Blake slept 7.45pm - 5.45am then 6am - 8.15am lastnight. i feel like a new person. although my boobs aren't used to that so i woke up a few times rather sore lol. i swear they grew from a B to a DD lol. i think lastnight was Blake sleeping off a growth spurt. he grew 3cm in 13 days gasp, that explains why he was waking 6 times at night for a few nights
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