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First time mum to bes Lock Rss

Hi all
Did anyone do anything about iodene.. I read you need more..
did anyone take supplements, more salt etc???
Im taking Elevit but it doesnt have it.
Hullo you lot.

Just to let you know... I'm in labour! Have been having mild contractions from 10am, progressed to stronger around 7pm, and now its at the point where its noticeably hurting.

And now I'm going to try and sleep. LOL. Wish me luck.
Nostrum - WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! thats so exciting. good luck. cant wait to hear your announcement!!

Sept25? - i didnt take anything other than the iron tablets and folic acid. i use quite a bit of salt anyway.
Tried giving Vinnie some banana today. Hated it. I've also tried 'pear and banana' Farex and carrots. Hates it all. Plain old Farex for him. I'm thinking of trying him on avocado in a couple of days time. A little less flavoursome so he might like it more???

Nosrum - YAY!! Come on out baby!! Can't wait to hear how everything goes for you, and see pics of bubba.
I still have to pee heaps because I'm drinking so much to make milk sad

dolphinmia - Congratulations. I'm sending some sticky dust your way smile

BabyBlueBird - Oh how exciting! Finally getting to take your little man home! grin

**one-little-man** - No more sleeps sad So dissapointed.
That's great that Blake slept so long! What time does he usually go down and wake up?

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

hehe wahooo nostrum! cant wait to hear the story!
She arrived!!
See my birth announcement thread here.
congrats!!!!!!! sounds like it went pretty smoothly! the breathing thing happened to me aswell, apparently he looked like a beetroot when he was born, was kinda holding his breathe. so was that just over a 12 hour labour?
Contractions were definitely noticeable from 7, but they intensified around 10 when I tried to catch some sleep. So yeah, somewhere between 12 and 14 hours.
Plus a good 20 minutes stitching up after!!

Contractions were definitely noticeable from 7, but they intensified around 10 when I tried to catch some sleep. So yeah, somewhere between 12 and 14 hours.
Plus a good 20 minutes stitching up after!!

pretty good for a first timer smilesmile I was all prepared for a 14hour+ as I was told that most ftm are like that... I ended up having a 2.5 hour labour+3rd degree tearing.. not fun! cant wait to see more pics!
Congratulations Nostrum, bub is gorgeous, just saw the announcement.

**one-little-man** -lol dont think id try that either haha itd look so silly, imagine how the dad would feel hahaha. blink
Aw go Blake!
I woke up with my boobs so full it hurt to power walk to the loo, i swear theres enough milk for twins lmao, or 1 heffalump laugh
She only woke up once last night!

sept25?,i was only on folic acid to start with, then a multi vitiman (dont remember the name of it? i think it was called pregnacare or something, it hada purple label anyway)& my midwife had me on elevit for afew months & when i started breastfeeding. &iron tablets the whole way through. Hope that helps?

BabyBlueBird, the wait is up already how exciting!

Zinkles-Kiera steals my bananas and sucks on them and gets then all dribbly lol. She does eat her pear & banana with farex, i only put in a tiny bit, like about half a teaspoon to start with now more like a whole one and she loves it. Has he tried the plain apple puree mixed with farex? I found when i started to add friut to it i had to use water instaed of my milk so the buddah would actually eat it. She hates it if its too strong, my kind offerings get rejected lol. Any news on what that mass was?

I have to pry myself away from trademe now, i think im becoming addicted..oh dear lol!
Bit of an update in my birth announcement thread. Something I think first time Mums should read!
The days are getting closer and closer, Will be in parent craft from this thursday evening till Tuesday morning/afternoon smile I cannot wait until I get to have him all to myself (While in parent craft)

James is now on 90 MIL's in his bottle (Well 97 MLS) sometimes he chucks up but I don't mind.
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