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Scariest moment in hospital for me was being sat fully upright in bed and left to feed Kylara. At some point I'm pretty sure I fainted, because I suddenly woke up and realised I'd dropped her and she'd slipped off me. Thankfully the sides of the bed were up, so she couldn't fall off.

not that ive actually told anyone on any of these forums - or anyone infact apart from my family... I reacted to the drugs they gave me at the hosp, and I was breastfeeding one night and went quickly into a deep sleep(which is what the drug kept making me do) I woke up to Blake on the ground crying(luckily not screaming) I just cant believe he fell so far - ever since I don't trust myself holding him and am having real issues with trusting myself breastfeeding when i'm even slightly asleep :'( - I think the worst thing for me was the day after it happened i had a peddoc come in, she was russian and really and pretty much yelled at me and told me never to sleep with baby(even though I kept telling her I didnt) she continued to tell me over a 5 minute period where I burst into tears as soon as she left - my husband nearly turned around at her and yell right back -

the lack in confidence in myself over that incident now effects me on a daily basis:'(
MissDevilMonkey, I get what you mean. My partner doesn't know it happened. Not that anything actually HAPPENED, but it sure scared the crap out of me.
From then until I felt better I fed by lying on my side with her on the bed next to me and a rolled bunny rug behind her. And I fell asleep a few times, no matter what I did to stay awake. I slept light enough to wake up if a midwife walked in, and I could pretend I wasn't asleep, and assure them that I would never sleep with the baby in bed with me.
But it was that or a total fear of dropping her for real.
Hey girls, have not updated in age's sad Little on the off end right now.

Since James is still on Oxygen, he has to go to Foster care unfortunatly, I can only have 3 days a week, 1 hour each (3 hours total) with him, which is digusting, I always dreamed of taking James out of the hospital on my own, DOCS has stuffed it all up sad

< My DP is a resent look of James smile He's 3 months 1 week old (2 weeks 2 days in real world)

He has interest in moving his head, he has good head movement also smile
Oh no, BabyBlue. sad That's horrible to hear.
He looks gorgeous though. Strong little man!
Hey everybody. Just thought I had better let you all know that we got the results of Vinnie's surgery back on Wednesday. It was the piece of lung that they thought it was, and because of that we are finished with the hospital. No more visits, not even a scan. Everything is perfectly fine. YAY!

MissDevilMonkey and Nostrum - I think everyone has moments where they drop off to sleep or aren't watching their baby as closely as they should be.
MissDevilMonkey, don't let it get to you too much. You were on medications. Not at all anything to do with you and your ability. I have fallen asleep many time while feedong Vinnie. If I am feeling sleepy when he feeds I usually try to lie down on the couch and I just put something next to the couch, like a chair, so if he does end up rolling off the couch he goes onto the chair. But thankfully I have never had a problem with him doing that. Nostrum, I'm not sure why your nurses worried so much about you sleeping with Kylara. I know it's kinda different, but people co-sleep with their babies. I am wondering how it's so much worse for you to fall asleep while feeding?

BabyBlueBird - Good to hear that James is doing well, but so sad you don't get him to yourself. That must be so hard sad Nice photo though smile

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

From what the MWs told me, its hospital liability. If something were to happen to our baby while in care of the hospital, they try and cover every just-in-case they can think of.

One MW had the nerve of coming in while I was sitting in bed reading and just holding Kylara, and telling me she should be in her crib.
Zinkles - that is awesome news. yay for no more hospital. hows Vinnie? on the move yet?

when i was still in hossy with Blake the midwives suggested i lie down during the night to feed, maybe he was more unsettled than most newborns...i dunno lol. i think for the first 3 nights i got no more than an hours sleep...and no that was not all at once.

BabyBlueBird - thats no good that you dont get him to yourself. will you eventually get full-time care of him?

Blake's not crawling yet and not even bringing his knees under his tummy. still cant roll from back to belly and hasn't rolled belly to back in freakin ages. he much prefers to be sitting than on his back or belly these days. which is kinda freaky cause i dont want a bum-shuffler lol. no teeth either...which is good for my boobs lol... not so keen on biting! eek!!!

his nights are getting better he's only wakng once or twice and has been for the past week. and he goes down for the night without a peep at 7 and isn;t up for the day until once he's sleeping through maybe it'll be that would be great hehe!

From what the MWs told me, its hospital liability. If something were to happen to our baby while in care of the hospital, they try and cover every just-in-case they can think of.

One MW had the nerve of coming in while I was sitting in bed reading and just holding Kylara, and telling me she should be in her crib.

Yeah there was that case not long ago of the mum who suffocated her baby when she fell asleep breastfeeding. She's now suing the hospital. I'm petrified of this happening. I've been known to have micro-sleeps normally (during lectures, at workd etc) so god knows how I'll manage to not sleep while breastfeeding.
I discovered that if I start to drift off, I get woken up by Ky. She holds on for dear life. I could probably walk around with her dangling for my boob and have my hands free... laugh
So as soon as my arms start to relax I get her tugging trying to hold on.
Hi girls <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

James is going into care after tonight, I am taking it well to be honest. I asked my DOCS worker and she said that in time James will be back in my care AFTER he is not needing oxygen. I get to go to all of his appointments also <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span> and 3 times a week i get to see him not sure how many hours though (fingers cross for more then 1 hour)

He's such an angel <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> I love him <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span> Today he kept looking at me, and he fell asleep in my arms for over an hour, i could not stop looking at him
<span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span>

A nurse took his picture while holding him half sitting up on his cot, and he looked such an adoriable baby (Nurses were joking saying was he going to the snowies) <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> He's gawjuce.


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my favourite picture <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span>
Nostrum - Ah I see. That makes sense I suppose. Though why they would tell you off for holding her while reading I don't know.....

**one-little-man** - Vinnie is rolling all the time. He is never in the same place you left him. He doesn't go far since it's just rolling and shuffling that gets him around at the moment, but it still surprises me to see him in a very different place than where I left him.
When he is on his tummy he can lift himself quite high with his arms, and he aslo gets his legs up underneath him for a bit, but never together. He has recently started pushing himself up with his feet too. Kinda like a push-up without the arms. He can't do it for very long though.
I am going to an infant movement course next week and will let you know if I find out anything good.

Vinnie is geting two teeth at the moment. One in either side at the top. Poor fellow is very grumpy. And poor mum doesn't get a break sad

Gosh Blake is sleeping well now! I wish Vinnie would sleep like that. He has not slept through a night since his surgery, and has recently been waking up two times a night and then waking up for the day at about 6.30/7.00 ish. And that's going down at 9.00 - 9.30. Very tiring.
I have a health problem that sends me to hospital and not getting enough sleep is one of the major triggers for it. So I am getting a bit worried that I might end up in hospital if he continues this way sad Not good when he refuses to take a bottle - even a breastmilk one!

BabyBlueBird - Awww James is so cute! And he's getting so big!
So gald to hear that he will be back in your care after he comes off the oxygen.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

BabyBlueBird thats sad to hear but im glad youll get him back when hes off oxygen. Hes gorgeous!

*one-little-man* and Zinkles, a)I wish Keira would sleep that long lol and cool shes trying to crawl! Shes up on her hands and knees and rocking!
Zinkles my cousin has MS and shes preggas, shes the same she needs her sleep poor girl, hope Vinnie starts sleeping better for you.
Keiras not letting me leave her atm even nana isnt good enough sometimes. And wev upped the solids to 3 x a day.

How much do Blake and Vinnie eat? &&& what size clothes do they wear, the Buddah has outgrown so much of her 00/3-6month stuff..good excuse for shopping tho haha.
Madams favorite is vanilla custard, she cant get enough of that stuff lol.
Happy 6 months btw smile
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