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Online Maternity Stores? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
Has anyone got any great suggestions of online Maternity Wear stores? (Australian only please) We have only one maternity store in my home town other than the few things i can pick up at kmart, target or bigw but nothing really lovely to wear to 2 weddings I have coming up when I'm 8 months preggers plus!
I've found a few, but I'd like something other than a plain black dress (as so much maternity tends to be!!) or strapless (can't do the strapless bra anymore!) and has to be affordable - ie, not designer wear.

I'd love to hear your suggestions if you've found some nice stores!!
I will be WATCHING this topic smile Also wanting to know of some good online stores smile for the same reason..

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

I highly recommend QueenBee Maternity...

Great clothes (not TOO expensive) and some really nice peices as well not just fuddy duddy fatty clothes...they have some nice cocktail dresses on there AND they are having a big sale at the moment

Not sure if the code is still valid BUT try using the voucher code "pregnantqueen" for 20% off (I got it from a pregnancy magazine)...

Good Luck

I really like Maternity Revolution (although I can actually go into their store. The thing I like the most about them is that they will actually refund you your money if you get the item delivered and then find that it doesn't fit/isn't what you wanted after all.

This place is another one near me that does online sales as well. They won't refund if you change your mind but will let you swap sizes if you order the wrong size (you just have to pay any postage costs). They actually have second hand items as well as new so its possible that they will buy back after you've finished using the clothes, at least they did after my last pregnancy (I lost weight so didn't fit the clothes anymore).

I haven't used the online aspect for either of these stores (since they're located within a few suburbs of where I live) but I've been impressed with the actual stores so figure they're worth at least suggesting.

Hope that helps.

Try queenbee & sweet lilly maternity they have some fabulous pregnancy clothes!

Ripe and Pumpkin Patch <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
My favourites have all been mentioned! Queenbee was my absolute favourite, then Pumpkin Patch, Sweet Lily & Ripe. Happy shopping!

We don't have any maternity places locally so have bought quite a few different things off a few sites. They include:

Pumpkin Patch

Also found this site: haven't bought anything though

Hope that helps and good luck
Thanks so much for all the suggestions girls I've had a ball checking them all out!! I've also found on my shopping search these for those also interested...

I'm sure there's lots of others so if anyone has more suggestions I'm always open to hearing about more!

Thanks again everyone! grin
For anyone watching this topic just wanted to say I found a dress!! YAY! And it was at this store which some of you may like...

Plus if you enter the coupon code MUMSGRAPEVINE at checkout you receive another 15% off even sale items!! (gee I love a bargain!)

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