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Medicare Safety Net Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong forum!

I was wondering if anyone knows much about the Medicare Safety Net?

My Safety Net Threshold is $1,126. My 22 week bill will come to $3,950. I know after I pass the threshold I get like 80% of my bills back.
But say Im about $500 off of passing the threshold and I present my 22 week bill of $3,950 and it sends me over the threshold does this mean I will get most of the bill back? Or, will I have to already be over the threshold before I present the bill for a refund?

I'm sorry, I'm probably not making much sense!

If your talking about your Ob management fees then, NO! The government capped how much you get back on these fees as of 1st Jan 2010. Basically i you get $460 back from your Ob fee but the full amount does go to your Safety net limit.

So in my situation my Ob fee of $2000 was added to the safety net, obviously putting us over and now anything medicare related we get back the 80%. The safety net also runs Jan to Dec so you'll get the benefit of it for the rest of the year.

This is my understanding anyway, hope this helps you.
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