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Pregnancy mask?? Lock Rss

Hi, I was just wondering how many mums-to-be get this

(discolouring of the skin).

The last time I was preggers I got a little bit of discolouring toward the end of my pregnancy, now Im only 22 weeks and my skin is changing already! Im so worried I'll look like a freak by the time the baby comes. I am using a moisturiser with built in spf so to not aggrevate the problem further but is there anyway to stop it altogether?
I had this when i was pregnant with Tayla.I probably noticed it at about 30 weeks and by the time she was born it was very noticeable. It has completely gone now though. I'd recommend some lightening cream like John Plunketts Superfade or Avon's Luminous Brightening Cream (the ANEW brand). Mine got worse when i didnt wear sunscreen as well. Its more likely to happen if you have olive skin and dark hair(like me)
hi enigma!
i think ive got that mask thing myself, my skin has changed around my eyes to a dark pink like a mask. my skin has gone down hill badly this time around, but i find tasmins cream dermaid (?sp) helps so much it takes the dryness away and my skin looks much calmer around the eyes.
hope this helps!

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

my skin has just been plain yuck since day one. i find that using a really good facial wash/scrub and a good moisturiser helps but other then that i have had nasty pimple and my skin is oily but quite flaky(not sure if that makes sense) but i think you can kinda get what i mean.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

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