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How many weeks until you were 'engaged' with number 2? Rss

Hi just seeing for those with their 2nd baby did you find it took longer to be engaged then the first? I was starting to be engaged at 31 weeks last time and this time it's just on the brim. I am not worried as the baby is head down bum up and getting read. But was just curious to see how others are. From what I've read on here alot of women don't actually engage with their 2nd or 3rd until labour.

My 1st was starting to engage at about 32 weeks, and fully engaged by 38.

My 2nd, I was 10 cm dilated in labour, 40 weeks and 3 days, and she still wasn't fully engaged. The midwife went away and said "just call when you feel like you have to isn't far enough down yet!"

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

never got to that stage as had elective c sections for 2 and 3

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

it is not uncommon for 2nd or subsequent children to not be engaged prior to labour.

em''''''''s mum

lol, well I've got 9 days left to go with bub#2 and he still isn't engaged. He's been head down since at least 30 weeks but is still just 'floating'. DD was starting to engage at about 32/33 weeks and was fully engaged a week or so before I went into labour.

#1 was engaged early on.
#2 was breech until between 35 and 36wks but was enaged at 36wk check up.
#3 i think is engaged now at 37wks

i''''m baking a baby

None of my babies engaged before labour. smile

DD1 engaged at 32 weeks.

DD2 engaged at 30 weeks but "unengaged" down the track and "reengaged" during labour lol if that makes any sense.
Both my DS's engaged during labour
my second baby engaged about 10 mins beofre i pushed her out..she was a 38 weeker..
baby number 7 was sooo high, i was being induced he was 38 ish weeks , the middy told my DH to go home as bub wouldnt be out for another 24 hours...he said goodbye to me, got to the door and middy said, oh hang on here he comes...all in a matter of a couple of minutes....

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

I never engaged with either of my 2. I know that 2nd and subsequent pregnancies generally are later on.


i cant remeber when my 1st engaged i know with my 2nd i was bout 26wks i was really early but i didnt early i had him 8 days late he was quite a big bub when he was born so that might have been why he was engaged early
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