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I have eaten wrong food while pregnant!! Lock Rss


I was trying to do the right thing by the inlaws tonight and have ended up feeling really bad and horrible.

The inlaws bought Chineese food over tonight for dinner. Firstly you need to know that if you disagree with my MIL all hits the fan!! She is hard to get along with. So when they bought this over for dinner i knew it wasn't best for bub but couldn't really say no. I was being polite and saving any arguments.

However now i am worried that bub will get sick from me eating this. I didnt eat much(and i am now washing it down with water). The restaurant is clean and has been there for awhile so i am not really that worried about it being dirty, however i just feel it was the wrong thing for bub and worried about her. I should have looked after bub before her. But man she is hard to deal with . OH I FEEL BAD. Everyone complained about the meal too. Not that they felt sick, but that it was bland and average.

Has anyone else had this experience of eating something they shouldn't, and did you end up ok? Guess this was also a vent as DH id just brushing me off, and not worring. He isn't the one carring the bub!!! And of all days i had a clinic today so now i have to waait another 4 weeks until i can hear a heartbeat and know everything is ok. UGH!!!!!! Always something.

Thanks for listening!!

i wouldnt worry too much if i was you because thats not good for bubs either smile i think everyone has eaten something that according to some study they shouldnt have eaten...

i only had one craving when pregy and that was sushi!! i only had the vegi one but i had it a few times because i was absolutly craving it!!! and nothing bad happened and i REALLY enjoyed my sushi hehe

try not to worry there is nothing you can do now anyway and good luck with your scan and hearing bubs heart!! very exciteing for you smile
i honestly wouldnt worry about what you have eaten. i ate chinese food a few times while pregnant and my bub was perfectly fine. and i worried about everything while pregnant and what i should and shouldnt do.

congrats on the bub and i hope all goes well grin
i wouldnt worry i didnt even know that chinese food was bad untill now i ate it every wk wen i was preg with jasper, my ob told me raw and cold is bad cooked and hot is fine so if the food was cooked through and hot there shouldnt b a problem.

I wouldn't stress unless you get food poisoning and it would have to be pretty bad (requiring hospitalization)then bub will be fine. I have eaten all sorts of things that are on the list of no no's. Most of them are on the do not eat list because you could get listeria (I not sure how to spell it). As long as it is fresh,hot and from a place you trust then don't worry.

I food poisoning during my first pregnancy from of all things one sip of a starbucks frapincino that my husband was drinking he was fine but the bit of chocolate I got in that sip was off. It wasn't severe but I was really worried at the time as had tummy cramps and bub was fine. People have done a lot worse then eat Chinese.
I wouldnt worry if I were you. I have 3 older children from a previous marriage and back then, there were no lists of foods not to eat like there are now. When I was pregnant with my now 3 year old I was given a huge list of what not to eat, I was shocked as there never used to be such a list but I was careful what I ate "just incase they know something different now" HOWEVER, now, Not one of my doctors or midwives have given me the list! So, I i'm just eating healthy and making sure its fresh, thats the main thing, all those does and don'ts are so you don't get listeria, food poisoning etc. I have Asians in the family and they certainly eat Asian foods whilst pregnant, its their culture and basically their main diets lol.
You just have to make sure its fresh & not contaminated.
All the best with your pregnancy smile
i wouldnt worry either when i had my last 2 kids who are 11 & 9 there was no bad list & they are fine i eat what eva everythings looking fine i think they go on too much bout these bad food list i mean we all are fine & our mums would of ate what eva

i didnt know chinese food WAS a no no.

i ate it when i was pregnant!

as long is it wasnt from a buffet sitting out or anything!
Like everyone else, I wouldnt worry too much about 1 meal. I would be worrying about how to get the MIL in order before the baby comes, lol
I ate soft cheeses, sushi and onion and curries i think you can eat anything but keep and eye out if it does not look right don't eat if it does not smell right or taste right avoid it, I even had soft serve cones.
If your worried go talk to your gp and check the foetal heart beat they won't mind and it will take the worry from you. You do have a choice to say no aswell and your MIL should respect your decisions on what you want to eat.
Start standing up for what you want cause when bub comes she will be all over like a rash. She needs to respect what you want cause after all the decision is babys health comes down to you and your husband.
Hi, I didnt listen to everything on the 'no-no list' but I used common sense at ate things that were hot and fresh. I understand how you feel about ur MIL, mine is kinda the same, she thinks that the doctors take it too far with what we are and arent allowed to eat, but I would just say that Id rather be safe than sorry. I know its hard but start trying to do it b4 u have ur baby coz if shes like my MIL shel try to tell u how 2 look after ur baby 2!!

thanks for all the response. I am feeling a bit better about it today. My main concern was the MSG. I read up a bit on the net last night and was surprised about how much food actually contains MSG

I havent been sick yet so i think all is ok.

Thanks for helping make me feel better smile
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