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5 weeks with #2 and am showing Lock Rss

Has anyone else experienced this. I am 5weeks and am showing already. I have gained no actual weight but am very swollen with child number two. Very scared I will be the size of a large barn by the end of my pregnancy.


Try not to stress too much. I was exactly the same at about 6 wks with this bub. So bloated and I had ppl commenting on whether I was pregnant again as I was showing!

By about 8 wks the bloating had disappeared and my belly had gone down.

Hope this helps grin

Hey there smile I am feeling the same way smile
When I first found out, I was like you - couldn't hide it at all!! Now things have settled & I'm back to "normal" though some days I still look more bloated than others.......but nowhere near as bad as when I first found out!

I wouldnt worry either hun, I was the same, felt so bloated and big from 5-6 weeks but then it all went down again and I didnt really start putting on a belly til 12 weeks. I think its normal

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