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My sister's bub is breech (she's about 35/36 weeks). Today she went in for them to try turn him, but that failed, so they booked her for a c/section. Is this the norm? I always thought you had until you went into labour and then a decision was made.
If she labours early (first bub was 3 weeks early), they may let her try for a natural, esp if she progresses too quickly for her to get to theatre. So, why not just leave it at that anyways?
She's quite upset at having to have a c/section- mainly because of the restrictions, not because of the ever-present 'guilt' associated with not birthing naturally.

So, just after your experiences I guess. Perhaps I can brighten her day with a happy story grin

Just as a PS- she was reading up on exercises she can do to turn bubs and one of them said for Df to talk to the baby through her fanny and try coax him into turning laugh laugh laugh

My understanding is (from having a breechie myself) is that unless the OB is VERY experienced & comfortable with allowing a natural breach, then it will be a c/sec. Drs are so sh!t scared of malpractice suits these days they dont want to risk anything going 'wrong'.

so in answer to your question - yes that is normal.
Firstly she does not have to have a c/s! It is possible to deliver a breech naturally and there are a few mums on here that have.

It sadly is standard procedure for hospitals to book mums with breech babies in for a c/s but again, if this is NOT what your sister wants then she needs to do some research into her options are her hospital.

Refer your sister to THIS website - its brilliant and has heaps of information there about what she can do naturally to help baby move as well as information about her ability to birth a breech bub naturally.

I've had two breech babies and sadly had a c/s for both of them due to complications.

Education is the key for your sister, get her to find out as much information as she can so she can make an informed decision and not just go with the flow from her drs if she isnt happy with what her drs are telling her.

best of luck to your sister!
I have a friend who had a breach birth. baby had dislocated hips or something and had to wear a brace but otherwise is fine.

Baby could still turn too.
Is this the site you were looking for?

Is this the site you were looking for?

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thanks Ruby!!!! You could make the no bake muesli slice but it will do buggar all to turn a breech bub!!!!!

Sorry, been a long day and was trying to do a quick post....woops - thanks again Ruby!

Thanks ladies. Especially for the museli slice sites tongue

Will have another chat with her soon.

I had a breechie for my second after having a natural for my first so I TOTALLY understand her concerns

I tried an accupuncturist, exercises, the cold pack near my ribs, warm pack down low etc etc.. In the end I just had to accept my stubborn ds2 was determined to stay sitting upright with his feet at his ears tongue

look I was very anti-csec after a great natural birth first! A natural breech birth was not an option at the time. No dr would even do it and their lack of confidence in themselves left me w no confidence in them

I was booked in for a c-sec at 39w1d. They gave me a scan an hr before the c-sec to make sure bub hadn't turned before doing the op (he hadn't). The c-sec recovery sucked in comparison to my natural but I focused on the 'end result' - my baby arrived safely and was the most calmest placid baby smile ... And he was also born with the most beautiful round and unsquished/bruised head which is a positive I still remember from the experience almost 5 yrs ago now smile
You're totally right Milphy smile

I've had 2 c/sections, so have all the advice in the world for her. I think it's just something that never entered her mind that she would need. And she'll miss driving. LOL.

Will talk to her tomorrow smile

My DS was a breechy too and i had a cs for him. My Ob said often if they turn them they turn straight back. My poor DS was stuck in that position from 28 weeks! The cs was fine, the recovery after was the hard part. As for DS he almost had to have a brace for his hips - must of been from having his legs stuck in the air near his head for over 10 weeks and his little head was cone shaped at the back as it was growing in my rib cage. He also could only turn his head one way which i think was because he was stuck in the same position for so long but a few trips to the chiro fixed all that smile
Bub was breech from around 24 weeks and i wasn't told till i was 37 weeks and told i had to have a c-section. The doctor told me he didn't like to turn the baby incase something went wrong (his words). Some how bub turned around in a week and i end up having a c-section.

Im 32.5 weeks pregnant and my bub is breech too. Spoke with my midwife yesterday and if in 2 weeks bub still hasnt turned then we are going to either try Moxibustion (a chinese medical technique) or accupuncture. If this fails then they will try to manually turn bub, if this also fails we will talk to a doctor about a breech vaginal delivery.
There was no mention whatsoever of a c-section so i dont think that has to be the only option for your sister. However i have heard that some hospitals will not do breech deliveries.

All the best to your sister..

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