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Round Ligament Pains? Lock Rss


I have just completed my 4th month of pregnancy and the only exercise I have been doing regularly is a few pilates classes each week. I have noticed however that the last couple of times I've gone (over a period of a couple of weeks) I have experienced sharp pain in my groin (right down low basically on either side of my pelvic floor area where my legs meet my 'nether regions') and also in my lower abdominal area. These pains (sometimes sharp and sometimes a dull ache) have lasted for a week or so and then seem to get better. I've had them twice so far and both have been immediately after a Pilates session - which I take VERY easy and don't overdo! The pain is felt when I bend down to pull on pants or jeans etc and when I roll over in bed etc. This second time (which I am still experiencing now - a week later) seems to be lasting longer than before.

After doing some research I THINK it might be 'round ligament pains' - has anyone had anything similar? My next prenatal appt is in a few weeks and I will ask Dr then but just thought I'd see if anyone else has experienced such pain / aches?

Chantel, QLD - first baby due 18th October 2006

Hey it sounds like you have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) or at least some amount of pubic pain. It hurts to roll over, lift one leg when putting pants on especially standing putting pants on, climb over things, sometimes just walking etc etc...
Round ligament pains are like sharp or pulling pains and usually I have those when I'm lying on one side or bending over or to one side or lifting something etc...
I also have lower backache and wicked heartburn.

Renee 27 NZ, Abby DOB 12.5.04 Sophie DOB 9.9.06

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