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Did your babies get bigger in size at birth each pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi just wondering what sizes your babies were when they was born?? they say they only get bigger is this true???
My dd was 8 pound 9 oz wondering if next bubba will be as big or bigger... =)

what size bubs did u have??

I'm not sure, but generally I think they do.

DS1 (born 1997) 5pd 12.5 (2.5kg) 10 days late
DS2 (born 2009) 6pd 13 (3.11kg) 1 day late

I'll have to let you know if this one is bigger in March. I hope by not too much.

Good Luck
tongue Mine were!

DD1 born at 35+2 weeks was 5lbs 13oz (2.65kg)
DD2 born at 37+6 weeks was 10lbs 2oz (4.58kg)

So in my case, DD2 was almost double the size of her sister!!!
1 DD 3.29kg (10days early)
2 DS 2.43kg (1 month early)

Bella - 8 pound 11 (1 week early)
Maiah - 9 pound 9 (born due date)
Mason 10 pound 1 (born due date)

I really hope number 4 isn't even bigger my poor vajayjay LOL

Ive heard that theory too but it wasn't the case with mine:

DS (40 weeks) 10 lb 1oz
DS (39 weeks) 8 lb 7oz
DD (39 weeks) 8 1b 1oz
DD (39 weeks) 9 lb 4oz
my first was 9lb 5oz
2nd was 9lb 14oz

fingers crossed this one is smaller

oh yeah and they were 2 weeks early

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

I know a few friends who all had very big first babies then each baby after that got smaller and smaller.
Mine were:
dd1 3.1kg 5 days early
ds 4.2kg 3 days late
dd2 3.75kg born on due date

baby 1 7lbs 9ozs 1day over
baby 2 10lbs 8ozs due date
baby 3 8lbs 10ozs 2wks early
baby 4 ????
DD - 6lb 11oz 36+5
DS - 9lb 1.5oz 39+4

Given that DD was over 3 weeks early if i had gone to at least 39 weeks she could have been bigger than DS.
mine were dd#1 7lb 6 1/2ounces on due date
dd#2 9lb 6 1/2ounces 1day before due date

so in my case a big boofa yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my i maybe shouldnt have asked i am starting to get worried now... =( eeeeeeeeeakkkk...

LMAO Emma vajayjay... LMAO

I am worried, i was 7 pound 4 born and dp was 10 pound 10.... =( scared shatless...

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