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Did your babies get bigger in size at birth each pregnancy Lock Rss

i'm the eldest of seven and i think you might be right..

i was 6 pound seven
number 2 was 8 pound 3
number three 9 pound 12
number four was 8 pound 11
number five was 8 pound 4
number six was 10 pound 1
number seven was 9 pound 2
Mine were but only by 1oz! grin

DD1 - 8pd, 3oz
DD2 - 8pd, 4oz

FX that this one is only 8pd, 5oz!

Mine went down 1 oz each time!

DS1 9 lb 9 oz
40w 1d

DS2 9 lb 8 oz

DD 9 lb 7 oz
41w 3d

So the longer overdue i went, the smaller the baby!

mine did

DD1 - 6lb 12oz born at 38+4
DD2 - 9lb 3oz born at 39+4
Mine did:
DS 1- 6lb 7oz (2920g)38 weeks
DS 2- 7lb 1oz (3220) 38.5 weeks
My second was smaller -

DS1 - 8p7 (I think it was 7), about 3.8kg - 40+3

DS2 - 7p2, 3.2kg - 39+4

DS3 - will know in a couple of weeks!! Scan at 34 wks showed a pretty big boy, however my belly seems smaller than other two pregs so who knows........ smile

DD - 12 days overdue - 8lb 4oz
DS - 39 + 4 - 8lb 1 oz
#3 - Due in 6 approx weeks, at 32 wk scan measured 1.7kg in 19th percentile..
Sooo.. no idea, ill keep u posted smile

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

My DS was 7 pound 11 and my DD was 7 pound 14
Both were pretty much at there due date, i think DS was 2 days early and DD was a week early
My big little man was 3.21kgs and 49.5cm at 38weeks
My little little man was 3.35kgs and 51.5cms at 39.3weeks

so the second was a little bigger but also a week and a half later than the first
DS ~ 8lb 7oz - 39wks
DD1 ~ 9lb 15oz - 41wks
DD2 ~ 7lb 14oz - 3 days early

So yes my 2nd baby was bigger than my first, but my 3rd baby was the smallest of the 3. I have 10 wks to go before I know whether #4 will be bigger or smaller than the rest ... I'm hoping for something like #3, but I'm guessing it will more than likely be a bigger one!!

DS1 8lb 8 oz 38 wks
DD1 9lb 0 oz 41 wks + 3 days
DS2 yet to be decided

if DS1 went full term he would have been for sure bigger than DD1
well technically yes but mine were 3 weeks apart and only a couple of hundred grams different.
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