Hi just wondering what sizes your babies were when they was born?? they say they only get bigger is this true???
My dd was 8 pound 9 oz wondering if next bubba will be as big or bigger... =)

what size bubs did u have??

I can give you some hope lol.

DD was 8lbs exactly and 54cm long, with a head circumference of 34.5cm. She was born on her due date.

DS was 6lbs 11oz and 50cm long with a head circumference of 33.5cm. He was born 9 days early.

With DS I'd been a gestational diabetic since 12 weeks into the pregnancy and they were concerned about sizing etc so I had heaps of scans. Every scan suggested that he was going to be about the same size as DD/maybe a bit bigger but he had different ideas. He was born at a smaller weight than they'd estimated his 'current' weight to be at the scan I'd had 8 days before he arrived too.