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Maternity Bras Lock Rss


I have just reached the end of my 4th month of pregnancy and I am starting to experience quite a bit of back pain and also pain between my breasts when I remove my bra at night time - not much only a dull ache.

This is my first pregnancy and I am usually a size 14C bra - when should I start looking at wearing maternity bras? I seem to still fit (just) into my bras but I don't know if they are actually supporting me enough.

Chantel, QLD - first baby due 18th October 2006

It was suggested to me to get fitted for maternity bras at about 16 weeks, they say that if you are fitted around then they should last you right through as they have heaps of expansion room in the back, so I would suggest getting fitted soon, especially if your current bras have underwires. I have heard that underwires are not good when you are pregnant as they can damage delicate breast tissue.

I think that if you are feeling pain or dicomfort, then it is time to get fitted. It is amazing how much better you will feel once you are wearing a supportive, correctly fitting bra.
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