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Pregnant with a gastric lap band Lock Rss

Im sorry i have no advice for you, but i just wanted to offer you congrats!! Hope you find the answers you need.
i have had one since jan 07

as soon as i found out i was pregnant i had some of my liquid removed and have been back to my surgeon once more to get more removed. i have put on almost half the weight i had lost but in my opinion if i am able to eat then baby must be able to eat and so far he is healthy and happy. the only thing you can do is listen to your body and do what you think is right for you. if you are worried about the weight you have lost, dont be. you have done it once and you will be able to do it again.

congrats and good luck with it all!
im here if you ever need a chat!

Im not in that position, But i thought i would share my experience, I have been on the public waiting list for the lap band even tho my Dr said 12-18 months... i waited 3 years and decided i would go private so i took out private health insurance and had booked in to get my band done on the 11th of december this year, We had been trying to convieve for about 12 months with no success, In March this year i found out that we are expecting baby no2 And my due date is the 7th of december so i rung and postponed my surgery but in the mean time i got a phone call from the public system wanting to book me in on the 5th of july!!! the irony in that i had to say no to the public system sad I know this is irrelevent but i thought i would share tongue
p.s That was my first post ever!! lol how do i get the pregnancy trackers???

I have a gastric band since Feb last year, and I have to say this morning it was playing on my mind alot about whether I should have some liquid taken out.

I can still eat pretty much alot of stuff, unless it is really dry then i struggle but I do worry about when I get bigger my insides are all going to be squashed which means my stomach as well, so eating might be a bit difficult.

At the moment I am hungry constantly I would eat and still be hungry. I know my DR who did the band surgery say that they have had patients with the bad have babies with no problems however if you have really bad morning sickness it is suggested that you take some liquid out.

I am still considering taking out some liquid and then see how I go.

Good luck

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