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measuring too small Lock Rss

I had my check up appointment and the obstertrician measured my belly and said i am a little small i'm 34 1/2 weeks but measuring 32 1/2cm, so he is sending me to get a ultrasound to check it all out and on top of that after every appointment from now on i need a ctg to moniter her heart beat.I'm staring to get really worried they said its just A precaution but i now have the fear of god in me especially because i have had such a smooth pregnancy, does anyone know what im going through or have some advise? this is my first and ive had 1 misscariage so i'm a bit scared.
On rare occasions i have seen a few women that appear to have a little beer gut but are very far along in their pregnancy so you could be a lucky one that never appears to be pregnent.
My sil also had a girl and when they did the ultrasounds she measured under what they think is a normal size but she turned out quite nicely even considering she was born 6 weeks early. try not to worry to much hope this had put your mind at ease a bit
heya. i also was told i was too small . cant remember my exact measurements to be honest. but i didnt even look pregnant. i had my son at 35 weeks so never got a chance to ever get big enough.

my doc sent me for lots of tests a few times through my pregnancy. but everything was fine.

my son was born healthy. small. but healthy so try not to worry.
your are past 34 weeks so im sure you will be fine now. your well past the realdanger zone.

but doing the tests is a great idea just in case smile but im sure things will be fine, good luck smile
If you're talking about the fundal height where they measure from the top of your uterus to the pelvic bone it isn't a 100% accurate. There are lots of things that can affect the measurments, things like the person doing the measurments not starting/finishing at the 'proper' spot, bub already dropping etc.

I actually had the opposite problem with my pregnancy - I was measuring ahead for all my pregnancy (at 30 weeks was measuring 34, 32 weeks measured 35 etc) so was also sent for multiple scans to check bub's growth. I was a gestational diabetic so excess growth was an especial concern. At all of my scans bub tracked right on 'average' for growth despite the bigger fundal height. When he was born (38 weeks 5 days) he weighed 3036g (6lbs 11oz) and was 50cm long so absolutely normal weight/length despite the bigger fundal height.

All the best and I hope that your scan puts your mind at ease.

Try not to worry too much, I measured 2 weeks behind with both girls but had big babies for gestation. I am not a petite girl or anything just must be how my girls were positioned. They considered sending me for ultrasounds with DD2 but as I had the same thing with DD1 they didn't bother. I did however have the CTG scans at every appointment as her HR was anywhere between 160bpm and 210bpm but everything was fine in the end.
I always measured under right thru my pregnancy and I ended up with a 9 pounds 4 bub and he was 2 weeks early! At one time I was 3 weeks smaller then I should have been and doctor wanted to send me for ultrasound straight away but all turned out ok.
i was measuring 5cm too small by the end of my last pregnany - i had some scans and monitoring but all was fine. they still induced me on my due date, and i had a very healthy baby boy at a good weight.
It can be hard, but try not to worry!


They have been telling me since about 30 weeks that bub is measuring smaller than average but they have told me it's nothing to be worried about !
The doctors are probably just wanting to be on the safe side and I am sure there is nothing to worry about. Your 2 1/2 weeks away from being full term so everything should be all ok smile
Good luck I hope it all comes back ok smile

Thanks everyone, I feel better knowing other peoples experience on it and that it might not be anything to worry about it could be many things or nothing. I guess i will still be anxious when i get my scan done.

Thanks everyone, I feel better knowing other peoples experience on it and that it might not be anything to worry about it could be many things or nothing. I guess i will still be anxious when i get my scan done.


I have just had to same thing happen. All through my preg everything has been great and my measurements have always been pretty much spot on. But at 36 weeks My fundal height had dropped 2cm instead of increasing so I got sent for an u/s just to check it out, which I had done yesterday. I wasn't worried to start with as I thought my belly had dropped heaps so I was thinking that should be normal. The sonographer said bubs is growing fine but wouldn't tell us anything else and I'm a bit concerned now. But our appointment is tomorrow morning so we don't have a long wait to make sure everything is fine. So yeah I know how you feel, you can't help but think there is something wrong sometimes, even when things have been perfect so far.

Good luck and best wishes

try not to worry

i was 9cm under when i was full term,had to have ultrasound every 2 weeks to make sure everything ok.
my daughter was born on her due date 6lb she was fine,my son i was 2cm out.

some people just hold there baby different.just think you get to see your baby every few weeks.

good luck
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