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Posterior Baby & Birth Lock Rss

Hey All Mummies out there

had my 32 week scan & placenta has moved, so I am able 2 deliver naturally,, but they discovered today that bub is laying posterior!
Now i'm crapping myself as I've heard alot of bad things about posterior births..
any stories anyone has or any tips to try and turn bub anterior?

Would be grateful..

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

Spinning Babies. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> Don't know if it works or not but certainly can't hurt.


my bubz was posterior at my 32 week check up also, i naturally freaked out and the midwife seemed worried that labour wouldnt be as easy as it could be for a first time mummy.

since then ive been bouncing on the swiss ball every day, walking (even just a 15minute walk helps), and sitting sideways on the couch with my feet on the floor so im constantly leaning forward.
had another midwife appointment yesterday and bubs has turned half the way he needs to before he'll be completely anterior, so obviously what i've been doing is helping alot!
a friends mum is a nurse and she recommended getting down on my hands and knees and swaying back and forward.
hopefully some of these help, for both of us hehe!
i've heard forceps are used with most if not all posterior births, so get down on your hands and knees hehe
I had a posterior birth with my second baby and i tried everything to change her around, sitting backwards on a kitchen chair, not reclining on a lounge chair amongst other things. She came out posterior and it wasnt much different from my first baby which was anterior. I think the last bit of pushing took a bit longer as she was facing downwards, but they didnt need to cut me/suction, it was all natural.
All 3 of my babies have been posterior, first bubs didn't turn in time and had a forceps delivery. I'd had an epidural and was bed ridden, so I couldn't help him turn during labour. The next two I had no epidural, and spent my time labouring leaning forward (either over the bed or kneeling over the bean bag) and had easy births with them.

Babies can and do turn during labour, but spending time on all fours or leaning forward as much as possible before going into labour can help. smile

DD was posterior all the way up until labour when she must have turned her self. Try the pelvic rock its ment to help turn them also like others said spend lots of time on all fours.

Good Luck:)

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